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Zakynthos Island vacations

Zante or Zakynthos is an Island situated in the Ionian sea off the west coast of Greece. Zakynthos, as the the locals call it, is one of the largest Ionian islands. The island offers a fantastic climate all year and is surrounded by warm waters and picture perfect beaches. If your planing a holiday here its recommended you travel between April and October when the weather is at its best. (more…)

The best destinations Greece has to offer

With its impressive World Heritage site featuring several world-famous historical sites ranging from the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece has much to offer (more…)

Corfu festivals

Arguably one of the most beautiful Greek Islands, the ‘Emerald Island’ of Corfu is especially popular when its many festivals are in full swing. Although summer is the peak time for festivals in Corfu, there are numerous local celebrations, name days, and religious events that bring colour and charm to a Corfu holiday. If you are planning a holiday in Corfu look out for the following events; (more…)

Family Fun in Cork

Cork may not be the first place that comes to mind for a family holiday, but there are a multitude of enjoyable entertainments there for children and adults alike (more…)

Nightlife in Corfu

Whether you are happy to enjoy the warm weather with a glass of wine in hand, or would rather a more thrilling evening activity, the nightlife in Corfu is plentiful and varied. Throughout Corfu you can find pleasant and welcoming bars, each one open at night and a wonderful place to chat to locals, enjoy some live music, or just spend time with your friends or significant other. Of course, Corfu is also famous for its heaving nightclubs, many of them situated at the popular resorts throughout the island. With plenty of flights to Corfu  available, and great travel deals  to be had on accommodation, it is no surprise that countless visitors flock to the island each year.   (more…)

Tourist attractions in Sligo county

County Sligo is situated on the Atlantic coast in the north west of Ireland, it is renowned for its unspoilt scenic landscapes with approximately 110 miles of coastline. (more…)

World Heritage Sites in Greece

It is high time that you planned your trip to Greece. Irrespective of the fact that this country boasts of various tourist locales, you should check out the world heritage sites first. A list of these sites is provided below for your convenience.

Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae: This well preserved, large, and classical temple is situated on a remote mountainside in the Peloponnese and is dedicated to the Greek God of healing. It was constructed during the middle of the fifth century BC. Apart from the combination of Corinthinian, Ionic, and Doric elements, this temple also boasts of the oldest Corinthinian capital found until now. (more…)

Greece National Parks

You cannot consider your trip of Greece complete, unless you have visited a few of its national parks. These parks provide you the best way to get to know and enjoy the bounties of nature. There are a total of ten national parks in Greece and their details are provided below. (more…)

Ireland National Parks

It is high time that you left the concrete jungle of the city and wandered over to the greenery that is available in Ireland. Find below a list of the national parks in Ireland with details about them.

Glenveagh National Park: Do not miss visiting the Glenveagh National Park that is located near the edge of the National Park and at the end of Lough Vagh. This park that is situated amidst a remote and rugged mountain valley was created by Henry Mc Ilhenny. This is arguably one of the most reputed of gardens in Ireland. Do not miss the Italian terrace that is adorned with antique sculpture along with terracotta pots. Then there are the pleasure grounds and the Woodland garden. Information about the different walking trails is available on site along with an audiovisual display too. This park features a car park and a restaurant. (more…)