A Newbie’s Guide on How to Get From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

A Newbie’s Guide on How to Get From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two biggest cities in the UAE. There is no wonder they both get a surplus of visitors regularly. Both cities are close neighbors and are about 90 minutes away from each other. There is a straight, long road called Sheikh Zayed Road that connects these two hubs of commerce and industry. Thousands of commuters ply this road every day; some for work, others are visitors – just like you.

There are several commute options available for moving around the city of Dubai. But, to get from this city to Abu Dhabi, there are just a few options. These include public buses, taxis (public and shared rides), and car rentals. This article breaks down all you need to know about getting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.


·         Taxis

The best option when making this journey is to get a private taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This option assures you of privacy, comfort, and direct access to your destination. Taxis in Dubai are metered and so the cost of your 90 minutes journey to Abu Dhabi is based mainly on the distance of travel. Although the fare costs around 90 USD, which is considerably higher than the cost of public transportation.

·         Buses

This is the cheapest option for the journey; a one-way ticket costs about 7 USD. The buses for this journey leaves Dubai from the Al Ghubaiba Station and arrives at the Abu Dhabi Bus station. The average interval between departures is 15 minutes, and this service is available every day of the week. To get from the Dubai airport to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, you need to take either a taxi or a metro.

·         Car Rentals

Car rentals are another great option moving between these two emirates. It allows you to explore better than you would in a taxi, and at 15 USD, it is also quite affordable. Gas is also cheap in the UAE, and you do not have to worry about paying for parking in most places. The major car rental companies can be found at the airport, and you can even book online.


Things to note when driving between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

  • The UAE drives on the right, and the steering wheel is on the left.
  • The speed limit signs between Dubai and Abu Dhabi are different.
  • Some roads between the two emirates have tollgates, and so your credit card will automatically be charged by the rental company.
  • Most cars have an automatic transmission.
  • By law, car seats are a requirement for passengers four years old and less.
  • Driving in desert conditions is quite different from the usual, so do some research beforehand.
  • In case of an accident or emergency, you can call emergency services on 999; it’s toll-free.

Finally, thanks to advancements in the world of transportation, the journey between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is more comfortable and faster. There are different options that new visitors can choose from, and an outline of those are listed above. Also, the tips given are for people who prefer the car rental option. So pay attention and your visit to these two cities will be a fun and memorable experience.