Madagascar – A best place for fun and adventure

Madagascar – A best place for fun and adventure

The strong winds of Madagascar offer an excellent opportunity for visitors to enjoy kite and windsurfing and rejuvenate to the fullest. Especially for adventurous travelers, Madagascar is truly bliss. If you are searching for a destination to experience some fun and adventure, then Madagascar is the perfect holiday destination for your entire family. Fun and adventure are limitless at Madagascar. Whether it is Antsirabe, Isalo National Park or Ile Sainte Marie, every destination at Madagascar is truly inspiring. Before you fly off to Madagascar, let’s check out some happening places which are worth visiting at Madagascar.

Madagascar countryside
Madagascar countryside

1) Antsirabe :

Take a time out to visit this rejuvenating destination of Madagascar. Located between Ranomafana and Antananarivo, Antsirabe is a small town which is surrounded by cathedrals and villas. This colonial town at Madagascar is a best destination to enjoy thermal baths and de-stress your body with cool splashes of water in the swimming pool. Just take a bicycle and embark on a rejuvenating journey where you can explore the beauty of this colonial town of Antsirabe.

2) Isalo National Park –

Isalo National Park is a best destination to explore the wild life, visually stunning sceneries and feel of gush of fresh air at Madagascar. Take your children to this rejuvenating park and let them discover some unseen wildlife species which comprise lemurs, ringtails, elephants and many more. The wildlife species, the serene waterfalls and the refreshing air at Isalo National Park inspires several visitors to connect with adventure and rejuvenation.

3) Ile Sainte Marie –

Situated at east coast of Madagascar, Ile Sainte Marie is a calm island surrounded by fishing villages, lodges and sandy beaches. If you love sea food, then this island gives you the privilege to savor on crabs and enjoy the refreshing sips of coconut milk. In the earlier times, this island was once a refuge for pirates and with the coming times, this island became a adventure site for travelers to explore the rejuvenating Antongil Bay and enjoy the panoramic views of the whales swimming in the water.

Come for holidays to Madagascar any season and you will always be excited to discover and explore some adventurous destinations. There are several other destinations like Masoala National Park, Berenty Reserve, Nosy Iranja, Nosy Komba and Ankify which are worth visiting.

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