Luxury Holidays in South America

With such a diverse range of landscapes, people, accommodation and experiences to be had on this incredible continent, choosing the perfect luxury South America holiday can be a tricky business.

Kaieteur Falls – South America

What does a waterfall say? Does nature have any message when it takes a deep plunge or it’s just another mode of entertainment for the humans? Well, there’re a lot of questions unanswered at this moment in time, as we seek higher divinity to unlock secrets of nature. Just a glimpse of water falling from high altitudes all the way […]

Rio De Janeiro Carnival

The Carnival of Brazil, which is spelled as ‘Carnival’ in Portuguese language, it is a yearly festival, which is held forty days earlier to the Easter. On a particular days of Lent, earlier some Roman Catholics and other Christians gave up meat eating for certain period of time, this is why it is called as the rio de janeiro carnival, […]