South America
Kaieteur Falls – South America

Kaieteur Falls – South America

What does a waterfall say? Does nature have any message when it takes a deep plunge or it’s just another mode of entertainment for the humans? Well, there’re a lot of questions unanswered at this moment in time, as we seek higher divinity to unlock secrets of nature. Just a glimpse of water falling from high altitudes all the way down and then flowing humbly via streams, surely sets the mind tickling as to the strange phenomenon. The beauty of waterfalls is the view is spectacular from any angle observed and each could be described quite differently.

Mother Nature has indeed given us so many irreplaceable memories, and we cannot justify our lives without giving it back to her, and we are through various groups protecting nature and wildlife as best as we can. The history surrounding the falls, unforgettable memories, the love it spreads, the romance it builds all add up to its strong character.

Kaieteur Falls Guyana

Kaieteur Falls South America

Situated at: Kaieteur National Park, Guyana Highlands

Potaro River: Amazon’s tributary

Guyana Highlands are very old, about two billion years now. Kaieteur Falls is known as one of the most powerful, natural waterfalls in the world. This waterfall is 371 feet wide and dives from an amazing 741 feet that later is followed by small series of sharp cascades. The view of the waterfalls is mind blowing that’s truly attributable to its height and water volume gushed out. It is accessible by water and land with plenty of unique wildlife and plants dwelling in the rain forests. Flights are frequent between Kaieteur Falls’ airstrip from Ogle and Cheddi Jagan Airports in Georgetown. If you have the adventure gene and are strong and sturdy, then it’s recommended you take a hike and reach the falls by foot. By doing so, you’d be striking two birds at one shot that is embracing the rain forest’s beauty while having a glimpse of the National Park in Kaieteur before the final destination – Kaieteur Falls.

Kaieteur Falls in western Guyana