French Riviera: Two best places to visit

French Riviera: Two best places to visit

There are many places to visit on day trips all along the beautiful Mediterranean coast but two destination are exceptional and unique: Nice and Cannes.


It is a beautiful French town flanked between the gorgeous meditation and the mighty Alps. The old town is just a few steps from the beach and its narrow alleys are lined by restaurants and shops of exquisite Nicoise items. If you like good, exotic perfumes, then you must visit the shops selling local perfumes. Nearby place Grasse is renowned for exotic perfume factories made from the local herbs.

Just Walking beside the beach along the Promenade de Anglais is an wonderful experience. Or just take sun bath in the beautiful beach. You can also go on trekking or hiking in the olive and pine covered Alps.


Cannes is famous for its International Film Festival. The pebbly beach by the deep blue Mediterranean is absolutely superb. The restaurants are fabulous with a range of French and Italian menu. Quite a few of them specializes in sea food and you can give yourself a treat with Oysters, Crabs and Lobsters. To accompany it there will of course be good French wine or Champagne!

You can get hand made potteries, wooden items, lavender, olive, herbs and other spices from these shops. If you feel more active and energetic, then there are plenty of things to do; staring from surfing, water scootering, canoeing, parachute diving etc. etc. For accommodation you can choose from Cannes Airbnb, apartment rentals and hotels.

You can either visit glamorous Monaco, Menton and Saint Tropez. Or can visit less known but more exquisitely beautiful places like Beaulieu, Villefranche, Saint Raphael. All this places are reachable within an hour drive. They are also connected to Nice and Cannes by frequent trains and buses.

French Riviera is very well connected to all major European cities by flights. There are also train connections from Paris, Venice, Luxemburg or Rome. And of course you can drive down there, if you like.
These places are worth visiting, even if you are a seasoned traveler with the experience of many sea side trips.

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