Best Beer Gardens around the World

Beer garden is the one where alcohol is legally served in an open area. Beer gardens originated in Munich, Germany but now they are present everywhere in the world. One need not travel all the way to Europe to experience and enjoy the pleasant classic outdoor experience of drinking beer. Anyone can share their sorrows and joys by having beer outdoors in the beer gardens. Cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Brugge, Dublin, Mexico City, Montreal, Portland, Prague, Sapporo are famous for the world’s best beer.

In Sapparo, northern region of Japan beer is the most popular drink. Beer garden and a daily barbeque present here makes it a perfect setting for beer lovers.

High quality beer is brewed in Prague. Prague also has the oldest brewpub and Europe’s famous brew hall U Felku. Plzen has the world’s famous beer museum and the high quality beer comes at extremely affordable price.

28 breweries are based in Portland and even Montreal famous brew pubs where beer is differentiated and ordered by colors like NOIR (dark), ROUSSE (red), blonde and AMBRÉE (amber). Mondial de la Bière is the annual beer festival that one cannot miss.

Mexico city produces signature Mexican beer called Corona. Favorite brands consists a pilsner-style lager with a semi-dry flavor, Dos XX, a golden lager-style beer and Negra Modelo, a chocolaty-smooth dark lager (also produced by Grupo Modelo), Bohemia.

Irish capital Dublin is most famous for beer pubs and breweries. The city is famous for finest home brewed scout, Guinness that has a smooth creamy flavor. Porterhouse is Dublin’s first brewpub. Brugge has 450 unique varieties Belgian brew each served in separate glass. Café Vlissinghe is its oldest preserved pub and it uses antiquated traditional brewing techniques.
Berlin has 20 famous beer gardens and beer festival attracts lot of crowd. Amsterdam has the best native beers like Amstel, Heineken and Grolsch in its cozy brown bars.