Cape Town Festivals and events

Well the residents of Cape Town are sports and outdoor lovers, there are quiet a few events celebrated in the South African City of Cape Town, such as annual sports events, food and wine festival, and also the music festival are celebrated in the city, and these festivals are important part of Cape Town calendar.

Some of the events in Cape Town are

In sports Cape Town hosts Cape Argus or the Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, which is arguably one of the largest events for sports in Cape Town, this cycle tour has become quiet popular over few years and these years close to thirty thousand cyclists participate in one of the most picturesque cycle tours in the world. This event attracts both professional and as well as the casual cyclists, this event offers something or the other to the entire family and this event happens every year in the month of March.

The other well known public sports event is the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, this event started in the year 1970, this marathon follows a beautiful stretch of close to fifty six kilometers of picturesque route around in and around Cape Peninsula, and the event now attracts close to twelve thousand participants, from various parts of the globe. During the Marathon, the spectators’ line up on the course in order to cheer the participants along race, the marathon ends at the University of Cape Town, where they celebrate the carnival for the entire family. This marathon takes place in the month of April.

Cape Town celebrates various Music and entertainment events such as
North Sea Jazz Festival:

This festival is celebrated in the city center, the jazz festival offers its visitors entire weekend of wonderful Jazz, highlighting the artists from South Africa and also hosts several international artists. This festival takes place in the month of March.
Klein Karoo National Arts Festival:

This festival is hosted in the Ostrich farming town of Oudtshoorn in the Karoo, this festival offer wonderful music, poetry, dance, theatre, and cabaret, the festival is entertaining for the entire family, while going to the festival it is for sure recommended to book the accommodation well in advance, as it could be tricky to find a place to sleep during the festival. This festival takes place in the month of March or sometimes in the month of April.
Cape Town International Comedy Festival:

This is an international comedy festival that highlights some of the best comedians from the country and also features some of the international comedians from United Kingdom and The United States. This festival takes place in the month of September.

Cape Town is a paradise for food lovers, there are quiet a few festivals for food and wine lovers such as
Cape Times V & A Water front Wine Affair:

This festival highlights close to seventy five varieties of Western Cape Wine estates and all this happen in one place. The festival offers wonderful food and wine pairings, and variety of dinner special, at several water front restaurants. This festival takes place in the month of May every year.

Cape Gourmet Festival:

Well if you are a food lover that Cape Gourmet Festival is a heaven, the festival offers food, wine, more food and more wine. You can eat all the way till you feel like no more food wanted in life. During the festival it encompasses a host of events ranging from Good Food and Wine Show and also cookery demos, designed by some of the top Chefs from around the globe. The festival even highlights even restaurant promotions and the hosts the Table of Unity Luncheon, this happens at the foot of the Table Mountain. This festival is hosted in the month of May.

Cape Town is not behind in fashion and life style, do some of the events for fashion and design include
Design Indaba Expo:

During this expo various world class architects, designers and decorators display their collection of cutting edge new creations. Several other programs such as fashion shows, performances, films and other programs are hosted during this event. This festival takes pace in the month of February.
Cape Town Book Fair:

This is one of the biggest book Fairs in South Africa, it is a massive show that encompasses various aspects of literature, which includes discussions and readings by well known authors. There are several programs even for children as well such as comic reading and many more. Cape Town Book Fair happens in the month of June.

Cape Town Fashion Week:

This is proudly one of the most well known fashion events, where some of the best South African and also international designers display their works. This festival happens in the month of August.