Dining in Monaco on the French Riviera

Dining in Monaco on the French Riviera

Even though Monaco is the second smallest nation on earth (only Vatican City is smaller) at just under two square kilometers, it has always had a much bigger presence internationally, particularly when it comes to being known for the Monte Carlo casinos and Monaco Grand Prix. While the casinos and racing are justified in receiving attention, Monaco also offers many other draws, particularly when it comes to food.

Thai Twist in Monaco

Monaco has two things working in its favor to make it a great destination in terms of food. First, it is located right on the Cote d’Azur, which means fresh seafood is always available. Second, the international nature of Monaco means that people from different cultures are always willing to come to the small nation and add their influence in a number of ways, including food.

Le Meridien Beach Plaza
Le Meridien Beach Plaza

An example of these advantages coming together can be found at Maya Bay Thai and Japanese Restaurants. Both restaurants are located right next to each other at the eastern end of Monaco next to La Meridien Beach Plaza. The Thai restaurant has an extensive menu, and a picture of every single item along with information about it can be found in a full-sized, hard-back book that every diner is given before ordering. Fresh seafood abounds throughout the menu as it is combined with delicious Thai recipes such as coconut soup with prawns or Thai grapefruit salad served with crab meat fritters.

American Food in Monaco

Americans longing for home, or anyone looking for a good place to hang out, will enjoy Stars n’ Bars for a menu that has U.S. favorites like nachos, tacos, bar-b-que ribs, Texas t-bones, and of course, burgers and fries. All are served in a sports bar atmosphere complete with an impressive collection of memorabilia, particularly when it comes to the Grand Prix.

For those who visiting Monaco in the fall, Stars n’ Bars even holds a Halloween party.

Fresh and Local Mediterranean Food in Monaco Hotels

Monaco has many excellent hotels that visitors can use as a base for exploring. However, the dining available right on site is worth trying.

The top floor of the Fairmont Monte Carlo provides stunning views of both the Mediterranean Sea as wells as many landmarks on land. Views in either direction can be enjoyed at the Horizon Deck, Restaurant and Champagne Bar. The fresh produce is grown nearby in the hotel’s own garden, and cooked up fresh as well, as diners can watch their dish being prepared at the live cooking stand that is part of a buffet.

Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo

La Meridien Beach Plaza gives guests the chance to have a dip and then a bite back-to-back. The hotel has Monaco’s only private beach, so after a swim in the Mediterranean, it’s possible to just walk up the stairs to enjoy freshly prepared treats at L’intempo Restaurant.

Maya Bay Thai and Japanese Restaurants

24 Avenue Princesse Grace

Monte Carlo 98000

Phone 377 97 707467

Stars n’ Bars

6 Quai Antoine 1er

377 97 979595

Fairmont Monte Carlo

12, Avenue de Spelugues

Monaco 98000

Phone 377 93 506500

Le Meridien Beach Plaza

22 Avenue Princesse Grace

Monte Carlo 98000

Phone 377 93 309880

Monaco is a great place to visit whether seeking the sun and sea, watching top-flight auto racing, visiting the casinos, or engaging in other activities. While there, enjoy the large number of excellent dining experiences available in the second smallest nation on earth. There are also a number of pubs, bars and other establishments for those who want to enjoy a drink while in Monaco.