Discover US Virgin Islands Top Resorts

Discover US Virgin Islands Top Resorts

There are a number of top resorts in St. Thomas, and the location of the island means that there is excellent weather all year round.

This is a favorite vacation area for many travelers, especially those from the US, as it is only a relatively short trip that gets you to tropical island beaches, but they also come in from all over the world.

The local people are very friendly, and it will be an experience that you remember forever. Here you can find the US Virgin Islands top all-inclusive resorts. Bluebeard Beach Club-sea-shore

The Buccaneer

A well-known family owned resort that is well established, and it is located on one of the islands best beaches. It is rated for its wide range of activities, and excellent entertainment. The food is also rumored to be the best on the island. This place is the No.1 in our US Virgin Islands top resorts list.

Biras Creek Resort

This is a very private resort, and is located at an old fortress on the hillside. Although the resort is relatively new, the local area is packed with history. It has its very own marina, but do not expect the latest technology, as there are no phones or TV’s.

Caneel Bay

This is the islands first eco-friendly resort, and has been around for a few years now. A lot of the other resorts built since have been playing catch-up. This place is an average rated resort, however if you want to help save the planet, then this is a great place to stay.

Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas

Rated as the best resort in the area of the capital, it is very easy to get to from the airport. You can rent beachfront rooms here, and they are one of the few resorts that offer a full service to its customers.