Hanoi Top Tourist Attractions

Hanoi Top Tourist Attractions

The continent of Asia doles out a surprise every second, and is a land of pleasant delights every moment. Hanoi in Vietnam is one land in Asia which is very akin to this history of surprising the tourist. This is a lovely land of ancient traditions and colourful culture. The second largest Vietnamese city this is a place that was eclipsed by Hue, and was the major political hub of this erstwhile royal country. Hanoi was also the French Indochina capital from the years 1902 to 1954 and then till 1976.

Located on the banks of the River Red, Hanoi is a lovely city that is located a little near the city of Ho Chi Minh. This is a 1000 year old city and it completed thousand years of existence in the year 2010. In fact the city has developed so much and has seen so many changes that the Frommer’s travel guide recognized this city as one of the top destinations in the whole world.


This is where you would find the exotic Asian culture merging with the present day modern day Asia. One would find a plethora of modern and medieval art and art values existent here. The charm and the grandeur here is very royal here and the hint of Parisian grace here ensures that the Asian traditions and culture would rule the roost here but alongwith an amalgamation of cultures across the world. There is an architectural museum which is an example of the harmony of the different cultures existing under the same roof. If ever you have fantasized a lovely locale with the blend of the cultures from world over then this is the perfect place to be in. This is the place where dreams are allowed to become real and where you feel you belong to a land of fantasy that you always knew.

So visit Hanoi and also get to know what the important places you could see here are.

Visit the Old Quarter and enjoy the sights of the commercial activity here. This has existed for as long as 1000 years. So enjoy the ambience of this lovely hawker zone and the sights often hawkers with their conical hats has become a kind of emblem to this place. As they sell their wares you would love to find the relaxed manner in which the locals sip their beverages here whether it is the coffee or the beer or bia hoi. Many tourists throng this place and as you stand back and watch the crowd you would understand that this is a place which has had lot of cultural waters flowing under the city bridge. Watch the tai chi at the break of dawn on the shores of the Lake Hoan Kiem. Then see those grandfathers with their trademark goat beards playing a game of chess. The fine dine facilities with the designer restaurants and the lovely dance floor facilities make the entire experience a great feeling. This is one city that was quite lethargic after the partition happened in Vietnam in the year 1954. Then the economic reforms came in and the city has seen many turmoils from the American bombs to the Russian Planners trying to change the face of the city. However the city has come out unscathed and today with the lovely boulevards and magnificent mansions, as also the verdant stretches of the parks and beautiful shops of baguettes, and the café au lait, this is one place which has a lot of French influence and exudes an enigmatic blend of cultures.

Hoan kiem lake

Come here and enjoy the sights of the Halong bay which is listed on the World Heritage Sites Go in a traditional Vietnamese junk boat and enjoy the cuisine here. Halong Bay is a popular Vietnamese bay and is also the most magnificent natural creations with around 3000 natural islands dotting the entire region.

Halong bay

Hanoi has a lot of legacy of the colonial system and an most ancient history which adds to the travel attractions here.

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