Innsbruck From A to Z (complete guide)

Innsbruck is the capital seat of Tyrol, where 120.000 people reside, and the fifth largest city in Austria by population. It is a beautiful and whimsical city which offers a load of interesting activities and landmarks for tourists and locals alike. Innsbruck is also a hotspot for winter sports and activities, having hosted the Winter Olympics four times in the last 60 years.

There are a lot of things to love about this wonderful city, so it is wise to make a list of the best tourist attractions in Innsbruck that you should visit with your loved ones.

  1. Old Town Innsbruck

With its beautiful doorways, oriel windows and vintage facades, Innsbruck’s Old Town is the place that showcases Tyrolese architecture at its finest. You will find a lot of Reinassance, Baroque and Rococo styled buildings and constructions. In the heart of the center, you can visit the Golden Eagle (Goldener Adler), a 16th century inn popular amongst the royalty (as well as the Emperor) and a favorite gathering place of writers, one of which was Goethe himself. Make sure to visit Stadtturm, a 57 meter high watchtower dating back to the 14th century.


  1. The Hofburg District

Hofburg offers a lot of interesting things for people who are passionate about history. The Silver Chapel, built in 1587 for Archduke Ferdinand II, who is buried there. Other landmarks to check out are the Old University, inaugurated in 1562, the Tyrolean Provincial Theater, built in 1846, which hosts musicals, dance, operas and one of the best theatrical performances that you will see.

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  1. The Golden Roof

The Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse, loaded with beautiful old houses which where inhabited by merchants, is situated in the south of the Old Town. It’s a Late Gothic oriel window, with a roof gilded with copper tiles, built in 1496 in honor to Maximilian I’s marriage to Bianca Maria Sforza, of Italian royalty. Its role was as a watch point for court members the view the various civic festivities in the square situated in the near vicinity.

  1. The Cathedral of St. James

Innsbruck Cathedral, initially called the Parish Church of St. James, obtained its status as a cathedral in 1964. It features an imposing twin-towered west front. It was built in 1724, showcasing the best of the Baroque architectural style. It was fully restored after WWII, when Germany and Austria suffered intense artillery fire and bombing from the Allies, dealing heavy damage to the cathedral. Other things worth mentioning is the famous image of the Virgin, Maria Hilf, dated to 1530 and a monument designed by Hubert Gerhard in honour to Archduke Maximiliam, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

Cathedral of St. James

Therefore, make sure to include Innsbruck in you ‘’go to’’ list. It has many attractions for families and history buffs alike.