Krakow’s Old Town – how to have a good time here?

In case of tours to Krakow, the must see point is the Old Town. No wonder – the place is loaded with landmarks and attractions, more than many cities in Poland have to offer.

The Old Town is an icon, not only of Krakow, but, also, of Poland. It’s one of a destination points for many foreign tourists, who wish to see our country. Near the Old Town we may find many beautiful places and landmarks – it’s impossible to mention all, but if we were to choose the most important ones, that would be:

  • Mariacki church – with an altar of famous artist – Wit Stwosz,
  • The Cloth Hall
  • The Church of Franciszkanów – a gothic building with a stained-glass window of Father God by Wyspianski.
  • Underground Main Square Museum – a modern way of showing history
  • The Florian’s Gate – a piece of medieval walls
  • Wawel Royal Castle – a palace with a Cathedral – place of coronation of Polish kings

And many, many more. It is impossible to see all the landmarks in one day, so one should spend a little more time to discover the wonders of the city.

Accommodation in the Old Town?

The first thing that comes into mind when one hears a hostel in the city centre – expensive. And there is a grain of truth in that, but hostel Draggo offers an amazing location within everyone price range. It is a perfect spot for individual tourists, couples, groups (school or friends).

What are the benefits of staying in The Old Town? Everything is near. During sightseeing we may go back to a room, refresh and be out in no time. Thanks to the location we don’t waste money and time on transport. But if we should need one, there are many bus stops near the hostel. The Main train and bus station is 2 kilometres away. But the Old Town attractions are not only by day…


Old Town doesn’t sleep

Sleep doesn’t exist in this part of the town – unless you want to. In the evenings we recommend a walk among the charming alleys and Planty. If anyone has a wish, one can go into even more charming cafes and pubs – especially in the summer.

If we want to go crazy we may spend the evening in one of many clubs. Krakow has many music clubs and that is one of the reasons for people to come here for their bachelor or bachelorette’s party.

Famous places

For others, an interesting alternative for the evening are cultural events. Some come to Krakow only for one reason, e.g. Piwnica pod Baranami – a legendary bar that is a history of artistic life in Krakow. Every Saturday there is a cabaret show. But if we won’t reserve the tickets beforehand, we might get disappointed. The place is so popular that weeks before the show the tickets are sold out – especially in the summer.

In the morning…

When we get tired, let’s go back to the Draggo hostel. We won’t have a problem with entering. The card that we received allows us to get into any place we have access to. We may relax in peace and quiet, take a bath in our bathroom and fall asleep in comfortable beds

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