Ladakh – When Heaven Meets Earth

Ladakh – When Heaven Meets Earth

Fill it, shut it and forget it. Just go vroom with your bike on the road to heaven on earth – Ladakh the land of dreams. Nestled in the Himalayan mountain ranges in India, this is best attraction in India on a road trip. With the Buddhist Gompas making a perfect background, the local villages along with the Tibetan cuisine and beverages completes the wish list.

The twisted lanes here require that the road trip has to be carried out by a person who is a perfectionist with regards to bike riding. The rough roads test the resilience of the biker and the road trip would be adventurous after one learns to master these initial teething problems. The best time to visit Ladakh by road is from June to September.

monastery in Ladakh

The road from Manali to Leh winds up and the Himalayan Roads surely provide the biker with the best experience of a perfect road trip.

With majority of the topography dominated by high mountains and lovely ranges, this small paradise ensconced in the State of Jammu and Kashmir is predominantly Tibetan. This is the coldest place after Siberia which has a population. Known by the other name of Little Tibet this area is located around 10,000 ft high and is the best place to go on a road trip.

Mother Nature offers the best challenge when one passes through the Khardung La, the highest pass where motorbikes could pass. Then of course, the crystal clear lakes and the deserts add to the scenic beauty. There are bike tours which are organized well and with precision with a leader and a support structure to help the riders. Even on a road trip one would find a lot of guides who help the road lovers as they edge past.

It is best to go with a proper knowledge of the place or to go with the help of some expert who knows the place around. The Himalayas as mighty they are in appearance are equally mighty when they have to spring surprises on the road. There are unplanned blocked routes, unprecedented detours and lot of problems of accommodation. But a road lover would never let all this bother his spirit.


It is also required that a person going on a road trip to Ladakh should have at least more than a couple of years experience riding the vehicle and should also fit into the medical requirements. A road trip involves that the person is medically fit to withstand the vagaries of such an adventure. If there is any kind of sickness regarding heights, then the person should have plenty of water and ensure he doesn’t get sick in the initial stages. Also Ladakh is a place where laptops are known to crash due to the high altitude. Warm clothes are a must as the weather is permanently chilly.

Thus Leh the capital of Ladakh and Ladakh itself is a haven for road lovers and the pristine beauty around ensures that the trip is thoroughly dotted with the best of nature’s beauty.

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