Top tourist destinations for adventure tourism

Tonga Vava’u Islands: the northern part of Tonga’s, the Vava’u Island is a perfect playground for those who seek adventure and outdoor activities even at their holiday. With incredible beaches, fascinating landscapes and well deserve atmosphere, this place is adorable even when deep channels separate its coastlines while creating unexpected bays.

French Polynesia: famous holiday destination, French Polynesia is just the right place for honeymoon planners; one can spend endless hours in French Polynesia’s luxurious environment.

Seychelles: a wonderland among all other sailing destinations, Seychelles is one of the fascinating places to come across and experience its beauty at its best. But do not forget to arrange a guide while visiting Seychelles as old guides will tell you it’s historical beauty which will even add more spice in your visit.

Florida Keys: from day trips to long months, one can spend numerous hours at Florida Keys; it is very famous for its potential sailing trips.

Phuket based sailing: chilling around and simply relaxing is what everyone seeks in his or her holiday and sailing around huge waves is just spectacular. Moreover, you can also hire crew or get a boat if you know some basic about how to handle a boat, than you can even enjoy these huge waves from its nearest. Who says boating and experiencing huge sea waves is just for ship captains and sea dogs, you can even do so if brave enough but do not forget your safety measures before stepping into sea.