Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

Visit Jakarta the Indonesian capital and the entry for the tourists who visit this part of the world only to get the most cherishable experiences. Anytime you plan to visit this lovely and fascinating travel destination just pack your bags and let your travel juices flow here.

With the innumerable hotels available here, Jakarta is a place where you would find the most interesting sights and the most magnificent travel experiences.

Visit Monas which is also called the Monumen Nasional and is a great landmark of this city of Jakarta. Monas is essentially a tower which is around 433 ft tall and has a flame on top. This is gold plated and it is today symbolic of the Indonesian fight for independence. Today the magnificent monument on the 45m squares platform has never ceased to attract tourists to this part of the world. Inspired to a great deal by the Eiffel tower in Paris, this structure was Mr. Soekarno the first President of Indonesia who got this idea to construct a monument and thus it started sometime in the year 1959. It got completed in the year 1961.

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The TMII is the Taman Mini Indonesian Indah or the Beautiful Indonesia in the Miniature Parks. This is a great park for recreation which was initially constructed with the intention of promotion the cultural aspects of Indonesia. The whole park has been the initiative of the first lady Tien Soeharto. She wanted Indonesia to have a greatly educative site for recreation. Visitors love to see all the traditions that are exhibited here. So get to see this vast 250 acres which has the facilities of tourist buses, cable cars, train which facilitate the visitors coming here.

Go to Ancol or the Tampan Impian Jaya Ancol . This is the full name of this lovely region. This tourism area is today one of the largest attractions in tours to this part of South East Asia. Situated in the northern part of Jakarta, this is a region which has the five main recreation zones and these are the Atlantis Water Adventure, Durfan, Sea World, Gelanggang and also the lovely beaches.

Dufan is a fantasy land filled with the maximum kinds of amusement and is situated in the northern part of Jakarta on the waterfront. It has some of the most exciting rides and also relaxes tired nerves. The merry go round here and the Monkey Ballads , the Star Wars rides, and the recreation zones make Dufan a very popular recreation centre. Dufan is a great choice for all those who love to enjoy the water amusements and the adventurous escapades here.

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The Water Park Region has four parts which are there to purely offer adventure and thrill. There is the Gelanggang Samudra which has the sights of some of the best marine life and has lovely seals and dolphins as also beautiful ornament fish which are there for all to see in the aquarium. There is a 4D theatre which provides entertainment to the tourists and there is a lovely water pleasures which is unique in this part of the world.

There is Sea World which is another fascinating oceanarium in the southeastern part of Asia. It has some of the best sea friends pool and also a shark pool and a main pool. The alligator pool is also equally attractive and provides the ideal amusements for tourists coming here for fun.

Visit the beaches here and see how magnificent tours here could be. Come and bask in the pleasures of beach combing and hang out by the sea side and enjoy the Festival beach and the Carnival beach which are the main features of Ancol.

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The golf course here is also very popular and famous. This is the place where you have the Jaya Golf Club This is a place which offers a great challenge to all the golfers and gives the tourists a chance to improve on their quality and also provides a chance to enjoy the 18 hole and the 71 par golf course. Today this beautiful area is a great fascination for all tourists.

Thus a tour to Jakarta is not without its share of enjoyment and fun. enjoy the trip to this magical land of adventure and excitement.