What should you taste in Poland and what souvenirs to buy by ITS Polish travel agent?

Discovering cuisine of a country is simply discovering its culture. Some people travel just for this sole reason. Others taste local dishes as a part of their journey. Others end up their foreign food adventure just in McDonald’s restaurants.

We all like McDonalds but please don’t waste your time there when you are in Poland as Polish cuisine is a real treasure chest waiting to be found. Some culinary items may become your trip souvenirs. There are also many other regional products that can remind you Poland after you come back home. Discover the best food and souvenirs from Poland with ITS Polish travel agent and follow this insider advice.

Regional cuisines

First of all, it is worth to say that Poland had really turbulent past with many war conflicts and changes in the country’s borders. This is why Polish cuisine was developed by various nationality citizens and ethnic groups so, up to this day, it is very diverse. To name some of the most famous regional cuisines we should at least mention such cuisines as Silesian, Masovian, Lublin area, Carpathian, Lesser Poland, Greater Poland, Kuiavian, Kashubian, Masurian, Podlasie area and St. Cross Mountains. From the best well known dishes within these cuisines we should name such soups as Flaki, Zurek, Red Borsch, Kwasnica, Zalewajka or Czarnina and main dishes as Geese from Greater Poland, Herring from Kashubia, Noodles with Pork from Silesia, Kartacze or Cepeliny from Mazovia, Noodles with various fillings, Golabki from Carpathia; and desserts such as St. Marti Croissant, Blikle Doughnuts, apple pies, cheese pies, Sekacz or Kazimierz Roosters. It is also worth to mention that Poland can boast magnificent cold cuts and sausages. Tourists should especially taste smoked meats, hams and regional specialities such as for example Kindziuk. Usually, as culinary souvenirs people purchase in Poland traditional Polish vodkas, craft bear and various sweets. ITS Polish travel agent especially advices to purchase Ptasie Mleczko (English: Birds’ Milk) sweets as a souvenir from Poland, especially the one produced by Wedel Company. You will find it in all grocery shops in Poland at a very reasonable price. It is one of Polish favourite sweets.

Best souvenirs by Polish travel agent

The best places to search for souvenirs are usually market squares of big cities. Tourists will find here multitude of souvenir shops with all kinds of products, plus numerous cafes and restaurants to enjoy small shopping break. If you search for ordinary products in good prices as a souvenir from Poland you should visit big shopping malls such as Zlote Tarasy in Warsaw, Manufactura in Lodz, Galeria Krakowska in Cracow, Stary Browar in Poznan, Pasaz Grunwaldzki or Galeria Dominikanska in Wroclaw or shopping promenades such as Krupowki Street in Zakopane, Piotrkowska Street in Lodz or Dlugie Pobrzeze, Dluga and Mariacka Streets in Gdansk or Monte Casino Street in Sopot. It is also good to enter Cepelia shops that are usually present in all bigger towns and cities and sell hand-made folklore products. The flagship products from Poland include Vodka, amber and flint jewellery, embroidered products, porcelain, cut glass and Christmas baubles. ITS Polish travel agent especially recommends visiting Vodka Museum in Warsaw to taste and purchase Vodka; visit small streets of Gdansk to purchase amber and check small striped flint jewellery galleries in Sandomierz. It is also worth to visit living glass and porcelain museum in places as Cmielow, Piechowice, Walbrzych, Krosno, Szklarska Poreba or Boleslawiec to see how the products are made and purchase more meaningful souvenirs from there. Close to many bigger cities there are also Christmas decorations manufactures, where it is possible to see how the hand painted Christmas baubles are made.

Summing up, Poland has much to offer in terms of excellent regional and national cuisine that can be tasted in numerous good restaurants all over the country and has very interesting souvenirs that can be easily purchased in all bigger towns and tourist spots all over the country. Don’t stop your Polish adventure on sightseeing only, check delicious cuisine and buy meaningful and memorable souvenirs that all your friends will envy. Check ITS Polish travel agent offer including the above-mentioned curiosities and discover this interesting central European country yourself!

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