What to see in and around Alicante?

What to see in and around Alicante?

Already at the beginning of the year we usually make vacation plans. So it is worth choosing this year’s destination. An interesting choice may be Spain’s Alicante. What is worth seeing? We suggest in our article!

What to visit in Alicante?

Alicante is a Spanish city that has retained many aspects of the culture of the Moors who ruled there for almost 500 years. This manifests itself in the architecture, among other things. The city is located in the Valencia region, on the Costa Blanca.

This is the perfect place for a vacation – for this speaks a great climate, excellent weather and the Mediterranean Sea with beaches that long fall into memory. That’s why so many people choose this direction every year. What you can visit?

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Explanada de España

Explanada de España is a popular pedestrian street in this city, which will be a great choice not only for those who like quiet walks, but also for those who are looking for interesting places to take pictures, as it is a square paved with many pieces of paving stones (there are more than 6 million of them), in such a way that they form a wave pattern, which has three colors. It is very impressive, especially because of the palm trees growing along this avenue. This place is very #instagramfriendly.

St. Barbara Castle – Castillo de Santa Bárbara

While in Alicante, you should also visit the Castle of Saint Barbara, which rises above the old town. This makes it a great viewing point. Moreover, you can take an elevator up to a height of 205 meters. It takes you to the courtyard. You can, of course, enter on foot, but it is not always possible and it is a great convenience.


Calpe is a town near Alicante that is definitely worth a visit. Companies offer transfers from Alicante to Calpe, so there should be no problem with transportation. It is a beautiful city with access to the sea and the port. Additionally, it is a treat for those who appreciate interesting architecture. You can see there La Muralla Roja, a very interesting red building, which looks like a maze. And if you want to see the city from above – you can get on the rock – a great vantage point.

Volvo Ocean Race Museum

Let’s return to Alicante. Here you will also find something for automotive fans. The Volvo Ocean Race is an iconic race, and in Alicante we can visit its museum. It’s a very interesting place where you can not only learn about the history of this event, but you can also check out the 3D simulators and touch interactive panels. Great stuff!

Vacations in Alicante can therefore be extremely interesting. In addition, you can relax and sunbathe on the beaches – could it get any better?

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