Adelaide Festival

The Adelaide Festival of Arts is an arts festival which is held every two years in the South Australian capital of Adelaide. This festival is one of the greatest celebrations of arts, it is well known not only in Australia, it is well known around the globe, and it is a great cultural event hosted in Australia.

The festival started in the year 1960, this festival is celebrated in the autumn month of March, on the all the even numbered years. The festival is basically a mix of various events; the features of the festival include theatre, classical, opera, contemporary music, new media and cabaret. The festival is celebrated in the city center, mainly on the cultural streets of North Terrace; however it is also celebrated in various city park lands. The Adelaide Festival Center and the area of the River Torrens normally forms the center of the festival, since recently Elder Park, has played host to opening ceremonies. Well it is considered some times that the success of the festival is because of the special design of the city, the design is also called as Light’s Vision, which many cool settings with in small distances from each other.

In the recent celebration of the festival the South Australian State Government announced that the funding would be provided for the annual celebration of the festival from the year 2012. The festival was the efforts of Sir Lloyd Dumas, during the late fifties, the hankering of his to begin the arts festival in South Australia and being the culture of the region to on the world map. He gathered some prominent people from the city such as business people, government community, and artists in order to get the required support to begin the festival. He received the support to host the festival which was similar to the Edinburgh International Festival, and immediately he formed the first Festival Board of Governors.

Well the event began to take its shape at the time when Sir Lloyd partnered with John Bishop, who was working as a professor in the University of Adelaide. They both very soon gained the support of Adelaide City Council, and received the financial grant as well. When the news of the festival was announced several business persons offered the sponsorships.

In the year 1960, the inaugural Adelaide Festival of Arts was celebrated, in the month of March, and the festival was directed by Professor Bishop, he received support from the well known director of Edinburgh Festival, Ian Hunter. Over hundred shows were organized in all forms of arts. The Adelaide Festival gained its popularity in years to come, and the South Australian Government supported the country. There are so many events celebrated during the event such as Adelaide Writer’s Week, which is now the world largest literary festival. WOMADelaide, it is great music festival, the Adelaide Festival of Ideas, it is a well known international talk festival. The Adelaide Fringe Festival, it is one of the largest of 8its kind only after the Edinburgh Fringe. Adelaide Arts festival in one of the most comprehensive festival for arts, this festival has been replicated to some extent by Various Australian Cities.

Some of the special events during the festival include
Northern Lights:

It is one of the most popular attractions during the festival, the activity gained enormous popularity in the 2008 celebration, celebrating the fifty years history, as this time it was brighter, bigger and better for sure. The iconic architecture of the Northern Terrace are painted with lights and given a life. In the year 2008, the light display was one of the largest in the country ever. The lights stretched further to the State Library of South Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia, Mitchell Building, Elder Hall, South Australian Museum, and the Bonython Hall, in addition to that all the rear walls of the Parliament House, which faces the iconic Adelaide Festival Center. During the festival for thirty eight nights the corner stones of the city lakes were spot lighted from the evening to midnight, lots of software and huge projectors are used for the display.