Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is considered as one of the biggest art festivals in the world, which takes place in the month of August each year for two to three weeks every year, in the capital city of Scotland.

Each year hundreds and thousands of gather during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from all over the city in order to present catering everybody’s choice, ranging from the well known international artists to the local performers, who are planning to build their careers. Well the festival caters every taste ranging from theatre, comedy, physical theatre, operas, dance, musicals exhibitions and even events.

The story of this festival all the way goes back to the year 1947, when 8 theatre groups turned up in order to perform on the newly started Edinburgh International Festival, which is an initiative that is created to celebrate and also enrich European culture, at the time of the Second World War, well even by not being the part of official performers did not stop those young artists to perform, they just went and staged their shows just like that. Each year after that more and more performers joined the league of uninvited performers and slowly it became a huge trend, slowly the society formalized the existence of this collective of performances, they provided information to the visiting artists, they published the fringe programs and they also created a central box office. The festival’s constitution was written in line with ethos, which brought these theatre companies to Edinburgh back in 1947, because of which the society was to take part in vetting the festival’s program any person who is willing to tell his story the venue is willing to host him. It is the festival of celebration, art and entertainment.

No one except the actor, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a yearly paradise. The event runs for over five weeks and all these days the stylish sea side city of Edinburgh surrenders itself to the theatrical hijack. Artists from all over the world gather in the city to dazzle the spectators into parting with their pounds, as they tempt and cajole them. During the festival every street corner is charged with drama lurks, who entice people passing on the streets. You can see laughter, tears, derision and amusement during this time. You can see arts such as Asian acrobatics, Danish dancing, and Shakespeare in Swahili or even Swedish films, which includes long and short films, postures which are multi ethnic, excellent masks, and everywhere you can see serious drama performed by students, which makes Fringe one super quick route to artistic inebriation.

The festival is armed with various Fringe programs and daily papers you can experience raves and tents reviews, the cheerful rushes of culture and vulture from one place to another, form morning until midnight, they are eight shows performed each day, which imbibes Brecht and bombast, rehashed classics, virgin works, the silly and the sad, the funny, the classic, the stupid and many more. The less daring Festival goers spend every evening at main events every day. Well people who do not enjoy the daring festivals, can enjoy the main stream events, where well known performers from perform on perform and use Fringe as daytime distraction. Well if you are a lazy holiday maker you can just relax and just soak up the sun, as it is quiet sunny in Scotland in the month of August. There are so many café on and you can relax on one of the café terrace, as you watch the wild and wacky world of drama from safe distance. Even the beach is situated a small walk away from the city center, even the hills are very close from the city. Well the special thing is that Galleries, street theatre, and Royal Mile films are free, in Edinburgh, in short the city is for sure a bliss for any travelers.

Well sometimes it is quiet tricky to find a place to sleep during the festival, during the festival the population of the city swells, as new visitors arrive, room rent soars high, it is quiet challenging specially for young performers who do not have a lot of money. They come to this place with dreams of getting some exposure, however as they cannot afford a lot of things, they live on minimum comforts, and affects their performance. Well there are many cases of young artists falling into depression and jumping for mounds of dirty plates. When the reviews are good, some get hired in the local pubs.