3 great reasons to visit France

3 great reasons to visit France

Why is France the world’s most popular tourist destination with fully 35 percent more visitors than 2nd place United States? Paris, the famous City of Lights, certainly attracts millions of annual visitors, but the beautiful villages, royal chateaux, the history and culture, magnificent changing landscape and legendary food and wine all contribute to the allure of the world’s most captivating destination. Three great reasons to visit the enchanting country that is France should persuade you to make your travel plans.

The Most Beautiful Villages of France
Over 150 villages throughout France are officially designated members of the “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France,” for the color, quality, culture, history and beauty they revere and protect. From the Pyrenees in the south through the historic Loire Valley chateaux country and the sun-lit Provencal landscape, village after charming village offers a storybook image filled with architectural charms, artisan traditions, warm hospitality and deep respect for the history and culture they represent.

The palette of France includes every imaginable color and intensity, from the dramatic coastal landscapes along the North Sea to the soaring Alpine ridges to the East. Move eastward from the Atlantic coast across sprawling valleys and vineyards and the river gorges and volcanic domes of the Auvergne region. The Pyrenees rise in the southwest, and the Provencal landscape overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Almost any sight or season you want to experience, France delivers – river rafting through the turquoise waters of the Gorges du Verdun, hiking through Alpine meadows or sipping your wine, while the day comes to a close, along the Cote d’Azur – an incomparable range of visual feasts.

History and Architecture
From Paris to Provence, you easily imagine the Roman presence. Avignon is a history buff’s favorite, home to the impressive Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), the papal residence from the early 1300’s, and the remnants of the Pont d’Avignon overlooking the Rhône River. In the lively Latin Quarter of Paris, the Arènes de Lutèce provides a quiet, park-like setting in a Roman amphitheatre that dates to the 2nd century and once was the second largest of Roman Gaul. Avignon is a history buff’s favorite, home to the impressive Rhône River.

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