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Vacation at the Great Oahu

Vacation at the Great Oahu

Charismatic and wonderful place is the Oahu island which is diverse as well as beautiful. Throngs of people visit Oahu, to enjoy the excitement of the Waikiki Beach which has vivacious beach clubs along with numerous restaurants.

The activities as the Oahu ranges from taking surfing lessons, then you can do canoeing, chance to swim with dolphins or go scuba diving.

People have different ideas when going to vacation, Oahu is one such great and happening place where you can for:

  • Adventure Vacation
  • Romantic vacation idea
  • Family vacations
  • Cultural attractions

Adventure Vacation :

Adventure Vacation at Oahu you can choose from wide variety of water sports along with many land activities. One such amazing place is the Waikiki Beach where you can do surfing, scuba diving and windsurfing. For the adventures on land there is definitely the exciting mountain biking, parachuting and the parasailing. Ad you can also go for hiking through the rainforest.

On Waikiki Beach, you can get shops which rent gears and equipment like surf boards and canoes.

There is Kapioloni Park where in you can go to play tennis, do archery and also Jog on track.

Hawaii, Waikiki Beach and Honolulu
Hawaii, Waikiki Beach and Honolulu

Romantic Vacation Idea:

On romantic vacation you can renew your wedding vow on the Waikiki Beach, or have wonderful stay experrince with luxurious beach resorts and hotel. Royal Hawaiian is one such place for stay where the everything is in pink hues. Mai Tai Bar serves pink beer and pink Champagne. Royal Hawaiian is historic hotel.

You can stay at the Halekulani Hotel which has very spacious rooms and offers private lanai and the view of the Pacific Ocean.

If you wish for seclusion then The Kahala Resort is ten minute drive from the Waikiki Beach but offer its own long and sandy beach, and there you get chance to swim with the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. The resort has attentive service.

Family Vacation at Oahu:

There are children’s programs at the Waikiki Beach’s hotels, along with hands on programs and obviously the water sports. As a family there is many attractions you can visit:

  • Honolulu Zoo
  • Waikiki Aquarium
  • Life Park Hawaii

Hotels here offer children programs which are both fun as well as educational. This will allow parents time to relax and be with each other. The hotels have health spa, fitness center etc.

Hawaii, Makapuu Beach in Oahu
Hawaii, Makapuu Beach in Oahu

Families can visit the Waikiki beach where kids can also swim as the water is known to be calm for most of year. Also there are lifeguards on duty on the beach who watch over kids, suffers and swimmers.

Activities in the programs differ upon the hotel but motly include:

  • Kite flying
  • Cooking
  • Teaching snorkeling
  • Hawaiian games
  • Fishing at the Hilton Lagoon
  • Feeding fished at the koi ponds

Cultural Vacations:

Oahu is nice cultural place in Hawaii where you can see the Hawaiian culture at the museums, then historical attractions as well as many of the interactive exhibits. Also you can see Polynesian culture and village, exhibits at the North Shore’s Polynesian Cultural center.

Visit the King Kamehameha Statur, Hawaii State Art museum and Mission Houses Museum.