5 romantic locations to enjoy a sunset

5 romantic locations to enjoy a sunset

Most of us would like to be with our love and enjoy a romantic sunset, we all have some memories from our past travel experiences and I’m trying to write a few words on the most romantic sunset points I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Santorini, Greece:

Know through out the world for its amazing beauty, it is one of the most visited out of all Greek Islands. Santorini’s landscape is a volcanic rim that overlooks the submerged caldera. The best sunset point is Oia a village located in the northern part of the island.


Taj Mahal, India:

Taj Mahal is synonyms with the word love, as it was built by a king in the remembrance of his love for his dead queen.


Serengeti, Tanzania:

If you want to see an African sunset, then the plains of Serengeti are the best place to be.


Pyramids, Egypt:

Imagine a giant red ball going down in the Sahara desert and the light falling on the mighty Egyptian Pyramids. Well all I can say, it just reminds me of Cleopatra.

Pyramids sunset

The Maldives:

These islands have some of the best untouched beaches in the world, these beaches are some of the best points to enjoy the sun dipping into the Indian Ocean.

Maldives sunset