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Getting Around in Luxembourg City

Don’t miss a ride on the Pétrusse Express miniature train -it runs May to October- which allows you to discover the valleys and ramparts of the city (more…)

5 romantic locations to enjoy a sunset

Most of us would like to be with our love and enjoy a romantic sunset, we all have some memories from our past travel experiences and I’m trying to write a few words on the most romantic sunset points I’ve seen in my lifetime. (more…)

Spain golf holidays

Some of the world’s best golf courses are in Spain, and many of the leading championships are hosted in the country as well.  The golf courses in Spain range from modern masterpieces to historic classic courses. (more…)

Tiara Yaktsa, Cannes – Unique Vacation Experience

Holding a red-rock Riviera backdrop adorned with blue skies and yacht-strewn seas, Tiara Yaktsa in Cannes, France is surely an enchanting destination for a memorable vacation. Its charm is perfectly reflected in its surrounding stunning gardens, the chic restaurant, and its friendly staff that make you feel at home with all-time assistance. (more…)

Majorca Visitor Guide: best things to do and see in Majorca

Majorca, sometimes known as Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands which are situated off the east coast of Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea, the nearest mainland resort being Barcelona.

Majorca has a certain appeal to just about everyone mainly due to its accessibility at only two to three hours flying distance from most European airports, making it an excellent choice of destination for short breaks. (more…)

Planning A Stag In Prague

It goes without saying that Prague has always been able to stand out as a wonderful tourist destination. However, this is also an area that is just perfect for a stag party with friends in Central Europe that is filled with some of the best activities and hot spots. This is why so many groups head to Prague each year, not just for stag parties, but also for a variety of other celebrations where they want to have a great time and make plenty of memories.   (more…)

View The Bayeux Tapestry – A Unique Historical Commentary

The Bayeux Tapestry is without doubt one of the most unique and valuable pieces of art and historical commentary in the world. Housed in the Bayeux Museum in Bayeux, Normandy, France the 70 meter long embroidered cloth produced in the ‘Norman Romanesque’ style provides an insight into the historical events that culminated in the Norman invasion of England and finally the Battle of Hastings in 1066. (more…)

Holidays in Faro

Capital of Portugal’s popular Algarve region, Faro is the southernmost city in the country and though we typically associate The Algarve as being one rife with tourism (more…)

Cycling in Gran Canaria

The mountainous character of the island and good weather throughout the year brings wonderful conditions for cycling in Gran Canaria. A good network of different types of roads lets you to enjoy both: riding mountain bikes and racers. (more…)

Best Things to do in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is one of the best cities to visit in South Eastern Europe. Never boring, it’s bursting with activities and culture and can be explored on a budget. (more…)

Las Fallas de Valencia: The Excitement of Beauty Wit and Fire

Think of it as perhaps the world’s biggest block party filled with music, sculpture, food, fire and fireworks. For three days in March Valencia explodes. (more…)

When in Rome, Italy, Take a Tour of Vatican City

Vatican City is a small country within the city of Rome, Italy. Inside its walls are St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City Museum, and the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. (more…)

Dining in Monaco on the French Riviera

Even though Monaco is the second smallest nation on earth (only Vatican City is smaller) at just under two square kilometers, it has always had a much bigger presence internationally, particularly when it comes to being known for the Monte Carlo casinos and Monaco Grand Prix. While the casinos and racing are justified in receiving attention, Monaco also offers many other draws, particularly when it comes to food. (more…)

Galeries Lafayette – The dream destination of every shopaholic

Galeries Lafayette is one of the prominent, notable and happening shopping destinations where thousands of shopaholics flock to this place to purchase a wide range of items ranging from garments, jewelries, leather goods, sunglasses to scarves and accessories. (more…)