5 Best Polish skiing resorts by ITS DMC Poland

Winter fun lovers wait often longer months to be able to practice their favourite sports. In Europe the most popular skiing resorts can be found in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Still, Poland, located in the central Europe can truly surprise you when it comes to landscape beauty, cuisine and modernity of skiing infrastructure. Below you will find the description of 5 interesting skiing resorts in Poland prepared for us by ITS DMC Poland, recognized and trustworthy Polish travel agent.

Best Polish skiing resorts by ITS DMC Poland

  1. Szczyrk Ski
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  4. Białka Tatrzańska
  5. Zieleniec
  6. Zakopane

Szczyrk Skiing Resort

Szczyrk is situated in the southern of Poland in Silesia Region. It is a tourist town with less than 6 thousand inhabitants. It is 103 km from Kraków (about 2 h ride) and 80 km from Katowice (about 1:15 h ride). Szczyrk has been one of the favourite resorts of Polish skiers for years. There are a number of ski stations in Szczyrk. The union of three ski stations in Szczyrk offer 40 km of ski runs on one ski pass. In Szczyrk, there are 23 routes of varying difficulty for skiers and snowboarders. The shortest is 560 m, and the longest is 2810 m. The slopes can be accessed by one of 12 cable cars or ski lifts. Recently, the lifts have been modernized, the routes have been connected with one common pass, new restaurants and parking lots have been built, and free ski buses bring tourists to the slopes. All this makes this place truly worth recommending. ITS DMC Poland advices to visit also nearby Żywiec town with picturesque Żywiec lake, castle and ultra-interesting Żywiec brewery museum.

Białka Tatrzańska

Białka Tatrzańska is a village 23 km from Zakopane (Polish winter capital) and 102 km from Kraków (about 1:45 h ride). In Kotelnica Białczańska Resort in Białka Tatrzańka there are as many as 25 routes of various difficulty levels. From green, very easy ones, dedicated to beginner skiers, through easy (blue) runs, to difficult ones marked in red. The longest of them is 1900 m (easy), and the shortest 110 m (very easy) – a total of 14 kilometres of ski trails. Kotelnica is also eagerly visited by cross-country skiers due to its 5 well-prepared routes. There are also 12 ski lifts and 9 chairlifts in the resort. ITS DMC Poland suggests specially to visit numerous thermal water complexes in the vicinity. They are very modern and provide perfect place for relax after a long day on a slope.




Zieleniec is a village situated in Kłodzko Valley about 122 km from Wrocław (about 2 h drive). The resort’s history dates back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The microclimate in Zieleniec is the closest in Poland to the conditions in the Alps. Snow is here on average 150 days a year, which provides skiers and snowboarders with excellent conditions. Snow lovers can find here 23 km of slopes, 29 cableways and lifts, including 6 modern chair lifts. The ski infrastructure here is extremely rich. ITS DMC Poland also advices to visit resort towns of Kłodzko Valley and underground attractions such as the Bear Cave, Uranium Mine, Riese Complex and Kłodzko Underground Routes.


If you choose white fun in winter in Zakopane you will be enchanted by the slopes. There is no shortage of such in the winter capital of Poland. Skiing and snowboarding are the most frequently chosen winter sports. In the season in Zakopane, thousands of tourists visit the city for this very purpose. A wide selection of various types of slopes allows even the most demanding visitors to “leap”. One of the most popular ski stations is Polana Szymoszkowa. Its great advantage is the unique views of the Tatra Mountains. The Harenda Skiing and Recreation Center, located in the Harenda district of Zakopane, is also noteworthy. It has six available slopes of various difficulty levels, ranging from the very easy 100-meter long to the most difficult one, 900 meters long, with an elevation difference of 197 meters. The most popular, highest ski resort is definitely Kasprowy Wierch. Due to its location – the slope is located entirely within the territory of the Tatra National Park, the routes are not artificially snowed or illuminated, while some parts are groomed. ITS DMC Poland advices to try special highlander cuisine in Zakopane during one of folklore dance and music shows.

zakopane ski

Szklarska Poręba

Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz are the most popular tourist destinations in Polish Sudetes. Skiing and snowboarding are especially possible from Szrenica Mountain that offers the third longest skiing route in Poland. Despite the relatively low altitude of Szrenica (approx. 1,362 m), thanks to a specific microclimate, snow conditions in the region are comparable to those in the Alps at an altitude of 2,000 m. The ski area is divided into two parts. The area around the village is dominated by easier and shorter slopes, which are ideal especially for families with children. Szrenica has a total of approx. 12 km of ski slopes with easy and medium difficulty. The longest slope Lolobrygida (4,400 m) is characterized by a height difference of 637 m. For the most persistent, the resort offers skiing in the evening hours. ITS DMC Poland advices to visit also near by Jelenia Góra town and the regional museum there.

Summing up, Poland has really a lot to offer for all snow fun lovers. It offers locations full of attractions, both for experienced skiers and also beginners. Zakopane, Szczyrk and Szklarska Poręba really offer much also in terms of culture and monuments. If any of the above-mentioned destinations caught your attention, feel free to contact one of ITS DMC Poland group advisors, they will be happy to help you with all preparations of your Polish adventure.

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