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Cool iPhone Accessories For Travelers

The iPhone is your most important travel tool. It helps you to get a ride through a ride sharing application, translating sentences into a different language, as well as sharing your travel photos with your friends and family members, and uploading the photographs on social media. Regardless of where you are traveling, possessing the appropriate iPhone accessories can rescue you from many headaches while on the move. (more…)

Expect Less, But Get the Best out of Travel

We all want to travel for one reason or another. Researchers claim while traveling, there’s a 100% possibility that we make life-changing decisions, and I don’t see why we shouldn’t travel as often as we can. The idea and purpose to travel is to get out of the normal routine life and pause life for a week or two, come back rejuvenated with lots of energy. (more…)

Typical vacation locales too dull? Try a floating island!

Private islands are relatively common, and floating islands aren’t a new idea, but the super-rich are always pushing the envelope. From sea-based independent city-states to marine playgrounds for the super rich, more inventors and innovators are turning to the ocean for inspiration. (more…)