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The Wall of the Titans – The Great Wall of China

Whenever we think of wonders we wonder what made it a wonder. And when we realize that it is years of toil, hard work, dedication and intelligence that goes to make a wonder in the world then we have to understand that wonders don’t come easy in life and we have to look at these structures in just one expression k- Wonder.

Now isn’t that wonderful? So now that we are on the topic of wonders why don’t we talk about one of the best wonders in the world – The Great Wall of China. (more…)

Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, which is also renowned as the Canton Fair, is organized biannually in Guangzhou during spring and autumn, this fair was being organized fifty three years since 1957. Well the fair is a complete with a vast history, the highest level, and it is also one of the largest, the wide range of distribution from abroad and also great business turnovers from China. (more…)