Canton Fair

China Import and Export Fair, which is also renowned as the Canton Fair, is organized biannually in Guangzhou during spring and autumn, this fair was being organized fifty three years since 1957. Well the fair is a complete with a vast history, the highest level, and it is also one of the largest, the wide range of distribution from abroad and also great business turnovers from China.

Well over forty eight trading delegations, being composed of over 20.000 of China’s best trading enterprises, with a good credibility and good financial capabilities, participate in the trade fair, several companies from abroad such as in the industries such as manufacturing factories, scientific research institutions, foreign invested companies and also fully foreign companies and private enterprises.

Well beside conventional method of negotiations against the samples, the organization holds Canton Fair Online. Various business deals are done here in the fields such as international technical cooporations and exchanges, commodity inspection, transporatation, consultation, insurance, advertising and many more; these are carried out in a very flexible ways. Well at the time of the event business men from all over the world, in order to exchange business information and also to develop the business relations with the Chinese companies.

Canton Fair is one of the largest contemporary exhibition centers in Asia; it is situated in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China. It is an ideal platform for integration of Humans with technology. It is also place to understand the ecological concerns and high technology and discuss about the future about the planet. The Canton fair complex covers over a million square meters, it is an indoor exhibition, with over three hundred thousand square meter and an outdoor exhibition area of over forty three thousand square meter. There are several sections where section A covers over hundred and thirty thousand square meters, it also has an out door exhibition are of thirty thousand meter square, the section B, contains an indoor area for exhibition of one hundred twenty eight thousand square meter in area along with thirteen thousand six hundred meter square of outdoor exhibition space. Well Section C consists of an indoor exhibition area of eighty thousand meter square.

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