Best Restaurants on Koh Rong Island

There is no shortage of restaurants on Koh Rong Island, which means that the fabulous aromas will be wafting around everywhere that visitors go.  With all those scents in the air, people will have a difficult time deciding which restaurant to choose for their next meal. Here are the best restaurants on Koh Rong Island:

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is an extraordinary Italian restaurant that can be found near the main pier in Sok San Village.  The only thing that seems to be better than the food at this restaurant is the atmosphere and the views of the beach.  Many diners begin their meal with the bruschetta before continuing with the pasta carbonara or the parmigiana.  Of course, the pizzas are fantastic options as well.  A must for dessert is the crepe filled with Nutella and bananas.

Eat Pray Love koh rong

Da Matti?

Da Matti? is located by the community pier in Ko Tui, and they also serve pizza and Italian cuisine.  The available cocktails pair beautifully with any of the meals and the views are just as fabulous.  Must try items include the pizza, fresh homemade pasta, and the delectable gnocchi.

Da Matti

Kim Song Restaurant

This wonderful restaurant can be found near Sok San Beach and they have quite the extensive menu filled with numerous options.  Diners can enjoy their food as they sit on the beach, and ordering a few extra drinks is possible due to the lower food prices.

Kim Song Restaurant

Falafel Sok San

Falafel Sok San can be found near Long Beach and they serve the best falafel on the island.  Diners can choose from the falafel plate, falafel salad, sabih set, and even the falafel sandwich.  Past diners say that the food is amazing as is the staff, and that everyone will want to return to eat all their meals there.

Falafel Sok San

Sandbank Restaurant

The Sandbank Restaurant serves delectable Thai and Western cuisine and diners can sit outside and stare out at the water as they are enjoying their meals.  The wooden furniture is made locally and is really comfortable to sit in for any length of time., which is good for those who end up completely mesmerized by the views of the water and the jungle.  A few of the more popular dishes at the Sandbank Restaurant include the tom yam soup, spicy fish cakes, pad Thai, and the curry dishes.  Everyone will want to order dessert as well, and the best options include the pancake with banana, coconut, and pineapple and the mango with sweet sticky rice.

These are some of the best restaurants on Koh Rong island, but visitors will stumble upon others as they are exploring every inch of this beautiful destination.  While everyone may want to stick with the one where they experienced fabulous food, they are encouraged to continue dining at others to see if they can find another local gem.