Filipino Pleasures – Do it this way on the Road in Philippines

Filipino Pleasures – Do it this way on the Road in Philippines

Yes. Bicycles, bikes and road trips – They tango together with adventure and excitement. Then jet set and zoom to the land of the Filipinos in one of the road trips. All kids like road trips and all youngsters love to zoom in their two wheelers and feel the air kissing them. Every person loves to have his own kind of thrill and if it is a road trip in the Philippines, well there is nothing better than that.

If you are in Quezon city then you sure could take a road tour to Vigan. Nothing is as good as Christmas time to take the road. Just meet your family or friends or relatives and move on with your road itinerary. The climate is ideal and the ambience just right for you to take your vehicle check it for oil and other extra requirements like a good tire etc. Do the last minute purchases that you might need in the road trip and then jet set and you are ready. It is usually a good idea to start when everyone around is sleeping. This will give you lesser traffic and more mileage at lesser duration. The North Luzon highway is therefore there waiting for you to take the lovely lanes and zoom across towards your destination. It is always better to halt at a gasoline station and then cross the booths erected to collect toll and also make sure to take some breakfast, coffee etc to make the trip absolutely comfortable.

boracay beach
Boracay beach

Now you are ready to go and reach Pampanga. Remember this place? Yes, this is the place in Philippines which nearly terrorized everyone around with its volcanic eruption in the year 1991. The whole road had got dusty and the entire place was ugly. There are tales of how a usually 8 hour journey through this place in those times used to stretch to around more than 12 hours. Well those days are gone. Today this place is clean and you can see the scenic beauty of the place and just enjoy it.

Then you cross Tarlac the place where the Philippine Presidents have lived before. Tarlac is thus the pride of most of the Filipinos. You would see the Luisita Compound which is an all comprising place with a mall, restaurants and a string of fast food joints. This place is famous for its lovely Spanish kind of architectural elegance. Then you can further drive down and then see the President Corazon Aquino’s expanse of personal possessions. The place is famous as the hacienda Luisita.

How can you miss La Union? Head for this beach and just unleash all your stored energy and enjoy the surfing and the lovely tan that you can get here. The big waves certainly make you want more fun and this is the ideal place to eat the delicacies like the tupig and the kalamay.

Finally you are in Vigan and you then take the great Philippines calesa or horse carriage and go round.

If you are in Philippines then just take one of these road trips.

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