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Honeymoon Vacation in Hawaii

Honeymoon Vacation in Hawaii

Picturesque sunsets, tropical surroundings, distinctive cuisine, crystal blue ocean…sounds expensive, right? It doesn’t have to be. A Hawaiian Honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank, rather if you follow a few simple tips, you might find that “Hawaii on a budget” is the best time that you’ve ever had!

The most important thing to remember in attempting to plan a Hawaiian honeymoon on a budget is that you need to book early and to plan ahead! Everything becomes more expensive the closer you get to “D-Day”, so the more time that you give yourself the better. I suggest making reservations for airfare, accommodations, car rental and attractions at least 8 months in advance if possible.

Hawaii tropical beach

There are often times big savings to be found in shopping “packages”. “Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays” is one of the best places to look when shopping package deals; they combine airfare, accommodations and car rental, and by doing this are often able to undercut what you would be able to do if you were to put a package together on your own. It’s also worth checking in with a travel agent, as they are often able to put together packages that will bring you in big savings. When my husband and I planned our Honeymoon in Hawaii, we were able to get a package deal through a travel agent that saved us $1000 in comparison to what we could have put together ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to go to several travel agents, multiple websites, or even the Sunday newspaper to find the deals. If you’ve given yourself enough planning time, you should be able to check in to everything before you make a decision. What one person, or website, is not able to give you, the next often is!

Hawaii, tropical Oneloa Beach in Maui
Hawaii, tropical Oneloa Beach in Maui

Flexibility is key when it comes to planning a Hawaiian Honeymoon on a budget. The truth of the matter is, some seasons are less expensive than others. It sounds a little backwards, but if you really want to save money on your Honeymoon, you might have to take that in to consideration prior to setting the date for your wedding. Hawaii is always a beautiful place to visit, but you will likely find your best deals between the months of October and May; summer is definitely the “peak season” on the islands. My husband and I took a lovely vacation to Oahu in the early part of December last year; we got a great deal, the weather was beautiful and we had a fantastic time!