Lady in White – Pristine Constructions Pristine Monuments

Have you ever seen the lady in White? If you haven’t, then do make sure you visit this virgin epitome of purity standing tall in the silhouette of the city. Yes, as you enter the city of Kolkata, this is one edifice which will not miss your eye. Kolkata, the city of joy is also home to one of the most pristine monuments, destinations, magnificent constructions and elegant representations of architecture – The Victoria Memorial.

Located in the State of Bengal, this lovely construction dates back to British India and is today a major attraction of the tourists. Sir William Semerson, designed this edifice and the style used is the Indo Saracenic type. This has incorporated the Mughal style too in the construction and the beautiful gardens designed by Sir David Prain adds beauty to the elegance. Existent since the year 1906, it was constructed with an intention to be a memory of the British success in India. With the white marbled construction gleaming in the light of power and pride, the hall inside measuring 338 feet in length and 228 feet in breadth is worth considering. With a height of around 56 m this monument stands tall in the history of the city of Kolkata.

Extending over 64 acres of land, the museum here has a collection of the best kind of paintings, portraits and illustrations. The tourists are given a thorough know how of what existed in the past and what affected their lifestyles. Also celebrating the 25 year rule of Queen Victoria, the monument was named after here . The octagon shaped roofs and the huge portals here render it a dream palace. Besides the stupendously constructed towers and beautiful terraces give the monument the look it has achieved over a period of years.

With the foundation stone laid by the Prince of Wales King George V , it was Lord Curzon the Viceroy of India, who dreamt of this idea of building a monument in the memory of the Queen’s victory. Victoria Memorial is popular for its architectural elegance and houses a lot of past nostalgia and memories. With beautiful figures showing motherhood, Learning and prudence, the figures for architecture, art , charity and justice are also seen here.

The Victoria Memorial is divided into three parts – the garden, maintenance and library. It has many historical items like the dagger used by the Indian ruler Tipu Sultan, the canon from the legendary Battle of Plassey, the manuscripts written by Abul Fazl, the writer of Ain-i-Akbari. You could also see the lovely postage stamps and the paintings done in Western style. All this attracts the visitors and the tourists are completely taken in by the sheer magnificence of the place, surrounding and construction.

With the sun shining on the monument during day, Victoria Memorial looks like a dream come true at night as the monument gets lits up. There is a light and sound show here which is a perfect entertainment for all. The fountains with lights lighting up as they spray water around is a favourite amongst tourists.