Lake Titicaca – The Highest Commercially Passable Lake In The World

Located at the border of Bolivia and Peru, the Lake Titicaca is around 12,500-ft over sea level, but this is not it about the Lake, and its worth mentioning that it also is the highest commercially passable lake in the world. The Lake Titicaca also is the biggest lake in South America.

The Lake Titicaca gets its water from glaciers’ meltwater and rainfall on the sierras which is being situated nearby the Altiplano. The lake is also fed by five other major systems like the Ramis, Ilave, Coata, Suchez and Huancané and twenty other minor streams.

Lake Titicaca has around forty one islands, and many of those islands are densely populated. All of these 41 islands are made up of floating reeds known as totora and are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Peru. Most of the excursions coming here belong to the lakeside city of Puno. The original purpose of building those islands was for defensive purposes, and the Bolivian naval force makes use of them as. A lot of these towers have watchtowers which primarily are constructed for reeds.

This landlocked Lake Titicaca certainly is a stunning and beautiful natural wonder which everyone must visit, if they have the chance.

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