Largest cruise ship of different lines on the planet

Largest cruise ship of different lines on the planet

Caribbean Discount CruisesCruising on water is a totally enticing experience with everything in big ranging right from rooms to decks. While everything being spacious as well as well accommodating, we humans still think big and so always dream of sailing at least once on the largest cruise ship. And today, the competition has grown so enormously that cruise lines tend to have their own largest cruise ship.

Indicating that the cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger, the vast Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas is the most recent entry into the industry of cruises, which is physically five times larger if you compare it to the Titanic. Now, the fact is that several largest cruise ships on the planet are from the Royal Caribbean line without veiling the truth that there are more challengers. Here are a few such ships.

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas

After sailing for the first time at the end of 2009, today, this big dream of the Royal Caribbean is proud to grab the honor of the largest cruise ship on the planet. This ‘superlative’ feature of it is not only related to the capacity of the guest, but is also attributed to its tonnage indicating the size of the cruise ship. When this cruise is completely booked, it is said to accommodate a massive amount of 5,400 passengers with the additional 2,165 staff members. By size, it measures 225,282 gross tons and is 1,187 feet long. This loftiness of ship, besides the people, also holds 24 restaurants, 18 high decks, 5 swimming pools, a green park, a Zip-line, a mini golf course, a casino, many night clubs, a Karaoke Club, several lounges, a comedy club, theme parks, nurseries, volleyball and basketball courts, and 700 tons of supplies for a week long trip. After all, this is the asset for $1.4 billion. Address: Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132; Phone: (866) 562-7625; Web:

Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas

This one ranks second in the list of the largest cruise ships. Weighing 154,407 gross tons and widening up to 1112 feet, this ship has the capacity to accommodate 3,634 guests as well as other 1,300 crew members. Besides the basic amenities and services, it offers a water park, surf park, and a rock-climbing wall. Address: Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas, 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132; Phone: 866-562-7625; Web:

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2

Seen with the different perspective for which this ship is made, it is certainly the largest cruise ship sailing over the seas. As against the other cruises in this list, this 2003 Queen is technically a transatlantic ocean liner that makes it stand out made for a different purpose. If you were to ask a cruise purist/expert, she or he would reveal that a cruise ship is a unique floating hotel. But, this ocean liner is not so and aims at crossing the bumpy waters of a genuine ocean. With the gross tonnage of 148,528; this is still the largest ocean liner for traversing the seas. All its 3,056 guests as well as 1,253 crew members can easily access a planetarium, a casino, 5 swimming pools, and 15 restaurants. Address: Queen Mary 2, 24303 Town Center Drive, Valencia, CA 91355-0908; Web:

The Carnival Dream

With the statistical achievements of 3,646 guests, 1,367 staff, 130,000 gross tonnage, and 1,000 feet; this ship is treated at the fourth position in the list of the largest cruise ships. On board, there are 1,800 staterooms, pools, comedy club, singing and dancing waiters, water slides, several dance floors, and an adults-only tanning deck. Address: Carnival Dream, 3655 N.W. 87th Ave, Miami, Fl 33178; Web: