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Melbourne Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

Melbourne Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

Visit Australia and enjoy the pleasures of a lovely destination in this part of the world. Come to Melbourne the capital of Victoria and enjoy the vibrance and culture here coupled with the fine wine and dine experiences.

Ensure that you go round the city and experience the pleasures of a greater land filled with the sights of the River Yaara and the St. Kilda Beach. Victoria is a destination where you get to see the most spectacular sights and the most fascinating travel delights. With the drives across the great Ocean Road the surfing experience here is something beyond imagination. Go through the Alpine Road and enjoy the sights of the Gippsland and the Australian Alps.

River Yaara

Melbourne is a mixture of opulent bars, hidden laneways and beautiful restaurants filled with the best kind of boutiques. Here you can actually enjoy the culture and the boulevards and experience the pleasures of the best kind of ambience and surroundings.

Go to the Federation Square in Melbourne and get to see this cultural space which is a great landmark in Melbourne. Sunsets here are memorable and the St. Kilda promenade a great delight to the eyes. Shop here on the fashionable Brunswick Street and the up market Chapel region. Go around the bistros, cafes, and also the bars and experience the best of cuisines here in Richmond, Carlton, and Fitzroy. Go on an Aboriginal Heritage Walk and experience the greenery in the Royal Botanic Gardens and just get sporty at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

St. Kilda promenade

Melbourne is a city that never sleeps and here the culture enthusiasts and the sports buffs love to bask in the glory of a great travel paradise. Fashion lovers and gourmands also find this a great place to be in. As they spend time in the vibrant riverside ambience, it is some experience for them to see this blend of cuisine, culture and tradition. Enjoy the energy around and wander away in the lakes and lawns in peace. Take a trip down the wineries and galleries, and experience the pleasures of a perfectly serene and enjoyable travel locale in Australia.

There is something about the hidden lanes in Melbourne and it is a fascinating experience to go down the city’s streets. The gothic construction and the fashionable venues alongwith the quirky rods are some way one can enjoy travels here. Just go to the jazz bar and watch the world enjoy as you sit in a tiny trattoria. Urban art and boutiques here a main attraction and the city comes out with its real secrets here in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Melbourne attractions

The Australian Grand Prix is another event that is a major part of Melbourne tours. This takes place in Albert Park for four days in the month of March. So come here and see the Ferraris, and Lotus, Porsche and other such vehicles buzz buy in the Formula I car racing.

Then you have the Rialto Towers which is a great place where you get to see the bird’s eye view of the city. Stand above the 253 m high Rialto towers Building and get the pleasures of a beautiful paradise. Here is where you also get to see the tallest office building the Rialto Towers.

Australian Grand Prix Rialto Towers

Then you have the Federation Square which is another lovely plaza where visitors get a great view of the riverside in Melbourne and also the cityscape.

With such delights to offer and so many places to see. Melbourne sure is a perfect travel destination for all who come to this part of the world.

Federation Square

Visit Melbourne and enjoy great Australian tour pleasures.