Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: America’s Best Beach

My personal choice for one of America’s Best Beaches would be Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Hands down this beach has more to do and see than any other beach I have visited.

The beach itself has plenty of public access, so if you live close and just want to drive up for a day of lounging you can always make your way easily down to the beach. There is some free parking but unless you are there bright and early, you may have to pay six dollars and park across the road which is just a short little walk to the beach.

While the ocean does not offer crystal blue waters, the beaches are kept clean with plenty of lifeguards on duty during the day time hours. The sunrise and sunset at Myrtle Beach are nothing short of amazing as you will see in the photographs.

Monterey Bay Resort Myrtle Beach2

Lying on the beach or playing in the ocean are always great, but let’s not forget the other benefeits of going to Myrtle Beach. First of all there is shopping everywhere! While there are what seems like hundreds of little souveneir shops all over the area there are also plenty of stores to buy whatever you may need on your trip from food to clothes to gifts. One of the favorite places to shop and so much more is “Broadway on the Beach”. I will talk more about “Broadway” later in this article. Also there is always the old stand by K-mart that is close by.

Now for the entertainment! Where do I begin? Well I guess I should begin with the attractions that will be fun for young and old alike. Everyone loves an amusement park and Myrtle Beach just happens to have one right across the street from the ocean. The park is called Family Kingdom Amusement Park. They offer rides of all kinds such as the roller coaster, ferris wheel, a log ride and go-kart rides. While on vacation, everyone usually likes the water so when you’re not at the ocean or lounging by the hotel pool take the kids over to the Family Kingdom Waterpark. The waterpark is directly across from the amusement park and is almost sitting on the beach. Visit a Myrtle Beach all inclusive resort for the best vacation option.

If you are more of a thrill seeker, there is also plenty for you to do. Right on the main strip you will find a place to bunji jump or what they call the slingshot. But for fun that lasts a bit longer, check out OceanFront Watersports. They offer banana boat rides and para sailing. You don’t need any training to do either and it is an experience you won’t soon forget! I can say this from personal experience.

Golf! Golf! Golf! If you are an avid golfer or just enjoy the occasional game you must visit Myrtle Beach! You will find the most beautiful and well maintained golf courses around (anywhere)! Golfers from all states come to Myrtle to enjoy the game. There are plenty of courses to choose from too. Even some of the finer hotels boast golf courses. Not a golfer? Why not try your hand at putt-putt? Miniature golf has always been a favorite of all ages and just like the golf courses you will find many to choose from.

If I haven’t already named something that interests you, I think I’m about to. Broadway on the Beach. Broadway offers everything from shopping to restuarants to Ripley’s Aquarium and much much more. The size of a small town, Broadway has enough to do to fill an entire day with fun while never having to leave to go eat. For those who like to have a drink while shopping or just hanging out, Broadway on the beach offers several places to stop in for a cold beer, mixed drink or whatever your taste. One such place is Fat Tuesday and it’s right there inside Broadway on the Beach.

It doesn’t matter if you have unlimited funds or just a small vacation budget, you will find a hotel that suits your needs at Myrtle. From the four star hotels such as the Sheraton Convention Center Hotel to the two star Sea Dunes hotel there are prices and ammenities for all budgets and needs. While the prices are considerably higher during summer months you can always find something for you anytime at Myrtle Beach.

Here’s a great tip: Try to plan your vacation for late April and early May or late August thru early September. You will find that the weather is still wonderful but the prices are much much lower.

I hope this helps you to choose Myrtle Beach South Carolina as one of America’s Best Beaches and maybe your next vacation spot.