New Orleans – Sights and Attractions

The largest city of Louisiana State, New Orleans is a city that simply abounds in beauty. Nestled around the curving River Mississippi, the metropolis is known as a hub for culture, music and cuisine. New Orleans is a pulsating destination that has the best of attractions to keep travelers hooked. The city is visited by travelers from various parts of the word throughout the year.

New Orleans is quite old as a city. The city is known for its architecture. There are a number of historical structures such as the Louisiana State Museum, and the U.S Mint Building.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Mardi Gras held in February turns the whole city into festivel mood. The streets get filled with a riot of color and music. The New Orleans Jazz Festival is another popular festival. In fact, there are a huge number of festivals such as Satchmo festival in August, the French Quarter Festival and the Jazz Heritage festival in April or May and The crawfish festival in March.

Louisiana is among the most ethnically rich states in the United States, and this is evident in New Orleans as well. The culture here is a mosaic that is enriched by people of several backgrounds.

Although the natural disasters that came in the form of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused enormous damage, the city has since recovered.

The French Quarter is one of the best places to visit in North Orleans. The architecture here is simply superb. There are a number of fun places to hang out here, such as the bars at Bourbon Street.

There are a number of great dining options here as well. There are a host of attractions here. The Harrah’s Casino, Riverwalk Shops and the IMAX theater are some attractions just outside the French Quarter.