Szechenyi Baths

What you know as Szechenyi Baths these days was the fatigue-releasing venue for Turkish back if you see it in the history. Not only you, but the whole world craved for a visit here. Yes, you read it right. It is arguably the warmest, biggest and the most hit bath complex among all of the other houses with thermal water. It is not an exaggeration but a fact. Is it bringing Goosebumps? Are you getting excited? Do you want to make a visit here? You should spend make the Szechenyi Baths your next outing spot. You will be overwhelmed with everything the bathhouse has to offer. You may lose the stamina but it will not stop providing the facilities of heaven.

Szechenyi Baths

21 pools are more than enough for you to attach your heart the very place. Let alone the saunas, massages, wellness options and so on. If we discuss each and every feature of Szechenyi Baths, believe us, you may end up leaving tomorrow for enjoyment. We know you want them. You have the right to find all the relevant details. After all, the atmosphere is built for bath lovers like you of the universe. Why should there be anyone hindrance in between? There shouldn’t be any. None of us likes waiting. So, bang on. We will steer to the charisma inbuilt in the place. Let’s dig deep now!


Let me say that the soothing utility of Thermal waters in the cozy and luxurious pools of Szechenyi Baths is no way even nearer to what you get from the modern techniques involving technologies. The claim has some serious backings. You will second me blindly even if you just make a virtual tour in your phone from your home. There are 18 to 20 pleasingly beautiful pools. Both outdoor( 27-38°c) and indoor(18 to 38° c) pools fall in the list. You can make fun and relax out all of them throughout the year. Don’t even doubt about the availability in holidays observed either for national or even religious cause. Secondly, males and females are allowed to use them simultaneously.

Szechenyi Baths


Another magnifying factor of Szechenyi Baths are the facilities available for Massage treatments. Before going in detail, let me highlight the medical massages like Underwater jet massage, mud treatment and balneotherapy treatment in the first place. Let’s discuss the main menu now. Massages actually vary in the time period from 20 to 50 minutes.


First in the list is Aroma Relax Massage. The massage reinvents your energy and is a big refresher for sure. Szechenyi Baths uses oils in the massage to remove all the pain in muscles and joints that are quite aromatic in nature. The massage offered in Szechenyi Baths is too good for your immune system. Avail one of 20 minutes in 40 euro and the other, the longer, 50 minutes massage for 58 euro. Bath entry comes along with what you pay for Massage.

Szechenyi Baths


There is presumed design of the massage but the trainers customize as per your body requirement. They make use of their skills to come up with expert analysis on how to pull your ache out of the body. People who love the energizing and a holistic will like it more. The charges are 41€ for 20 minutes and 60 € for 45 minutes time. The cost also provides you a ticket and a facility to use cabin in Szechenyi Baths.


With some very useful details shared, the glass is still half-filled. The other has a one in millions, Cascade Sauna. It gets you back to actualization. As you utilize the facility in two or three sessions of 15 minutes, you come up fresh as ever. More advanced and better saunas are now offered to avoid strain in your body and bring your potential energy back to the show. Furthermore, Szechenyi Baths offers Pedicure, Aquafitness, steam cabins in the same zone. For medical purposes, the massages mentioned can be used with your doctor’s advice. Balneotherapy and such other treatments are for you here.

Are you satisfied now? No? Do you want more? Here you are. Szechenyi Baths also presents to you Sundeck, Bathing suit on rent, Rental towel and sheets, Body-shaping and Fat-burning gymnastics and restaurants with your beloved food and tasty dishes.