Two good local places in Maldives

Two good local places in Maldives

Maldives is a name that’s quite familiar and right on the tip of our tongues as the geographical location of these coral islands makes it special and a delight of Indian Ocean. Maldives are an old stretch of coral reefs that’s surrounded by primitive volcanoes. The coral islands have the capacity to mesmerize anybody traveling for the first time. The Maldivian beaches are awesome along with crystal blue waters and lagoons that add to the existing delight and create a deep impression in a traveler’s mind. Travelers visiting Maldives have a purpose to embrace the divinity of the sun or even diving or snorkeling.


Maldives is constantly being developed with opening of new hotels and resorts undertaken once in few months to cater visitors all around the globe. Anyone in need of tranquility and want to get a tight hold of beautiful memories the island depicts both during day and nighttimes should be visiting the islands quite frequently.

Two Local Tourist Attractions in Maldives

Local Market

Found in Male, it is just a few walks away from Fish Market and items are sold from all over the islands here. It’s a good place to shop, and the markets sells items like spices, dried fruits and handicrafts, though buying turtle shells, corals, reptile skin or pearls should be avoided as there’re strict regulations regarding the sale of these in Maldives.

Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque

Maldives embrace Muslim as their religion in the majority of the population. Constructed in the year 1656, it’s considered a tribute to Muslim religion. The mosque is made of corals, and the carvings both exteriorly and interiorly are mind blowing and appreciative, especially when you have a look at the ceiling.

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