Family Fun in Cork

Family Fun in Cork

Cork may not be the first place that comes to mind for a family holiday, but there are a multitude of enjoyable entertainments there for children and adults alike, with regular Flights to Ireland from London there really is no excuse.

Cork city

One place for good family fun is Kartworld Adventure Centre which provides a purpose-built 800 meter long, 7 meter wide floodlit track in Ireland. The track can handle 20 karts at one time making it perfect for family and group fun. Computerised digital lap timing, karts meeting International specifications, licensed by the R.I.A.C., a thorough pre-briefing and safety instruction overview, and a friendly, co-operative, experienced staff are all part of the package. Special karts are available for children 8-12 years old. A Kartworld Grand Prix can be set up for groups of 14 or more drivers and is an ideal event for corporate gatherings. Drivers get practice sessions, qualifying heats to win a grid position, and the top 20 drivers go on to the Grand Prix final. Winners are presented with trophies just as in real races. An Endurance Race is another option which consists of non-stop endurance racing between teams of drivers, testing the skills and nerve of even experienced participants. The winners are the teams which complete the most laps over a specific time frame.

Flights to Cork bring visitors to the Price August Toy Soldier Factory where visitors can see miniature soldiers being cast and even providing the opportunity to cast one by themselves from unique moulds the factory has. The friendly atmosphere draws thousands of tourists annually. This unusual learning experience is free. A visit to the toy soldier gallery displays a large case with hundreds of master cast figures and scenes from historical events, one gallery is filled with “Lord of the Rings” officially licensed figures. The Toy Soldier Gift Shop carries Mullingar Pewter, pottery, jewellery, leather, glassware, Genesis Statues and factory made toy soldiers.

West Cork Model Railway Village should be on the “must visit” list for family holidays. All the locomotive models are handmade exact replicas of the original trains. They have also constructed a new playroom open every day for children. The highlight of the Railway Village is the “Tschu-Tschu.” This riding model carries up to 50 passengers. It tours the town and surrounding areas of Clonakilty, Cork. A cafeteria and gift shop are located nearby in authentic train carriages.

The Fota Wildlife Park in Cork is a specialty zoo. The Wildlife Park contains animals which thrive in the free-range environment. They mix with each other (and visitors) in an environment as close to their natural habitat. Courses in nature conservation are offered to primary and secondary schools students which detail the responsibility for caring for the natural world. Actions necessary to prevent the loss of species and habitat are emphasized. This travel guide to Cork contains compressive information on when to travel, climate and insider knowledge all you need to enjoy this beautiful city.