Ocoee river rafting: Most thrilling Tennessee

The Ocoee river rafting is one of the most famous whitewater adventures in the country with an unmatched degree of consistency in flow, diversity, and challenge. Supporting this is the fact that the Canoe Magazine has rated this river among the top 10 whitewater rivers in the nation and that this site is chosen for the national whitewater championships along with the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competition. Do you need something else to get yourself convinced for an exciting adventure?

With the miles of adventurous Class III and IV rapids, 20 continuous rapids, and several spots of fun on this river, the rafting experience here is truly memorable. Nestled in the Cherokee National Forest, this river passes via a wonderful gorge that is flanked by natural wonders as well as picturesque wildlife. A majority of the Ocoee River rafting tours are available on weekends from March to October, but again depends on the outfitter as well as the locations of your trip.

Right from step in to step out, the river is sure to thrill you as your excitement constantly increases on this non-stop journey via more than 20 continuous Class III and IV Rapids cascading a spine-tingling 260 feet. A Ocoee river rafting trip will not only make you enjoy America’s most popular whitewater adventure, but will also take you on an exciting 1.5 to 2 hour trip passing via the forest’s dramatic Ocoee Gorge. The best part is that the water levels in the river are constant – thanks to the dam control that really facilitate the sport even in the driest months.

Ocoee river rafting

The Ocoee River is actually split into two sections for this sport: the Upper and Middle Ocoee. With the fact that no experience is mandatory to tour any of these sections, families as well as groups prefer any of the two sections. And to take care of your safety, your outfitter will offer all the required equipment as well as a trained guide on each raft to take you safely over.

Middle Ocoee River Rafting

This is a 5-mile whitewater expanse with 57 per mile gradient, which passes via the rapids like the Table Saw, Double Suck, Hell Hole, Broken Nose, Powerhouse, Grumpy’s, and Diamond Splitter. The Middle Ocoee features a pool-drop river with intermediate Class III-IV rapids. This indicates that a majority of the rapids are tracked by a calm pool for regrouping the rafters. Kindly note that the Tennessee State Parks state that rafters should be of 12 years and above. This is because even the layman can take up this rafting.

Upper Ocoee River Rafting

This dam-controlled zone runs for only 54 days in a year with 5 more miles of Class III & IV rapids along with clean aquatic wilderness. It is this site that was chosen for the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competition. This one is the tough challenge even for the most skilled one with its notorious rapids like Slam Dunk, Let’s Make a Deal, and Humongous.

Full River Rafting

This is mostly on weekends, which takes you through the rapids of both the levels. This is only meant for those who want to experience both the challenges. So, for the skilled ones, I would recommend this one for a full fun-filled thrill.

Period of rafting

It is mainly from March to November, but with only certain days and dates. Middle Ocoee river rafting is mostly scheduled on the weekends, except for the summer days in June, July and August when the tours are held daily leaving Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ocoee river rafting

Reaching the river

1 hour from Chattanooga and North Carolina’s Murphy.

2 hours from Atlanta.

3 hours from Birmingham and Nashville.


Cascade outdoors – Highway 64 – From $28 to $95.

Outdoor Adventure Rafting – Ocoee – From $46 to $98.

Always do some research on the Internet for the adventure outfitters. This is because you will get to know about the best deals on your wanted days and that you can compare the prices easily as well as instantly. You seriously need to be proactive in the matter of finding the best operator at the cheapest cost.

Maximum duration of rafting

6 hours.


Follow Highway 64 that mostly runs along the river.