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Rotorua attractions

Rotorua attractions

This time think of a thermal vacation in New Zealand to experience a uniquely invigorating tour that safely takes you into the surprising geological formations. I am talking of Rotorua attractions that will chill you, captivate you, and shake you. Aren’t you not tired of those same museums, parks, and mountain treks? If yes, try something different this time where the thermal wonderland is ever ready to hug you and will also make you recall the Yellowstone geysers as well as steam outlets.

Rotorua attractions are actually exciting as well as challenging due to the mere fact that the thermal spots here are active even today. This not only attracts the inquisitive tourists, but also the scientists for research and study and to see how these 100 year old geological hotspots continue to pull the humans. If you are lucky, you might spot a well known scientist on your way and explore all with him. What can be better than this?

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Most of the highlights encompass steam vents, geysers, hot springs, eruption spots, natural vents, private geothermal bores for water heating, and hot pools for bathing all located in and around the town. With the mere fact that the town itself rests on a functioning geothermal terrain, it is no surprise to see so many hot features. So, this itself is the main appeal for the important scientific research as well as tourism industry to flourish.

Okay, I have been talking all about the geothermal sites, but this does not mean that Rotorua offer only these. In fact, the town is the home of Lake Rotorua and is also surrounded by other lakes due to which one can take pleasure in water activities such as boating. Located amidst the lively Taupo Volcanic Zone, the town is the home of four prime volcanic calderas where several lakes welcome you for a myriad of things to do. However, as a tourist, one will always begin from the Tourist Information Center that is located on the Fenton Street to get an idea of the most risky as well as famous places.


Among all the Rotorua attractions, Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is the most famous one, which is explored as a one-day trip. It is a park of several geothermal landscapes as well as active volcano actions. Here, the most visited highlight is the Lady Knox Geyser – a giant one to splatter until 10 to 20 m height daily. One more interesting site is Te Puia – the land of bubbling pools of mud, geysers, and the active Whakarewarewa Valley. For $40 as the entry fee, you get a complimentary guided tour that take you to the Kiwi house as well as the geothermal sites along with the site of the Maori cultural dances accompanied by the conventional meals.

For the animal watchers, the Rainbow Springs Nature Park is a great place featuring scenic terrain, cool gardens, and carved ponds of fish all of which attract Kiwis and birds. After an entry of $29 per person, do also go for the Kiwi tour for an extra $2. To explore the past with the present, the Agrodome is the ideal highlight to offer exhibitions, shows, and farm animals. Do see the sheep shows and also go for the brilliant farm tours.


Dare to take up the highest bungee jump? Get to the Freefall Experience simulator. For a family adventure, take up a tour of the 115-year-old Waimangu Volcanic Valley that is accessible by a 20-minute drive from the city. It boasts a superb geothermal ecosystem that facilitates hiking on a safe track; self guided walks; and cruises for up to 4 hours. And yes, nearby is the scenic Okere Falls. If kayaking or rafting is your choice, head to the 14-lake-holder Lake Rotoiti.


I would recommend exploring the Tutanakei Street’s lower end where a majority of the restaurants implement Hangi that is the conventional Maori cooking style. What is required from you is to arrive as early as possible because the food gets over in no time, sometimes even before 8 pm.

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