Traveling to Papua New Guinea

Traveling to Papua New Guinea

Traveling here in the beautiful land of Papua New Guinea is a very interesting and exciting experience. There is not much infrastructure for tourism available here and it feels as if you are stepping into a fairy land. Travellers find this place a very exciting and adventurous destination. This is one travel experience that would make your tours very memorable. The main island of Bougainville is a great experience. the natural beauty here and the absolute scenic ambience here makes tours greatly interesting and very charismatic. Papua New Guinea is the eastern part of the new island of New Guinea. It has many mammals living here and there are many frogs and birds that are found here. Papua New Guinea is a wet and is very mountainous. Papua New Guinea has kangaroos climbing the rainforest terrain.

The highland is a region where you would find a fascinating variety of cultural delights. The Central Oro and Milne Bay provinces have the best sights of majestic reefs and have the Kokoda Track as a m major attraction. The D’Entrecasteaux Islands is a place that is very interesting to look at and has the mountainous jungle terrain as a great attraction. Then you have the Port Moresby which is huge and sprawling and is one of the major regions with huge diversity. It has a lot of topographic beauty and you would find the best lowlands and the most fascinating sights of marsupial cuscus and tapirs.

In fact it is said that most of the marsupials here are found in forests that were found in Australia many million years ago. Many bowerbirds and birds are found here and the forests here typically have the Gondwana vegetation. The stunted forests and native rodents, with the unique features of a past history make travels here very adventurous and memorable.

Aitape is a small town in Papua New Guinea where you would find the best establishments of the Germans which existed since the year 1905. The Japanese used this in the Second World War and even today you can find the Japanese War Memorial between the Santa Anna Mission and this town.

Santa Anna Mission

Bougainville puts a lot of colour to travels here to this part of the world. this is very similar to the Daytona Beach and is the most fascinating portion of travels to this part of the world. It is a major island and has a topography that is grand with a thick forest and has towering volcanoes and lovely lagoons in place. With waterfalls plunging down the region, the valleys and the mountains offer a great solace to a tired traveller. Visitors enjoy the sights of the coastal communities and the picturesque scenic delights here.

Wakunai is another place where you can have a three day trek. People usually go to Mt. Balbi and follow the track Nooma Nooma that traverses the island to Torokina. From the top of Mount Balbi you can see the Mt. Bagana.

At the Morgan Junction you can catch a glimpse of the roadblock that blocks the entry to the region which is called a no go zone. You can also see Panguna which is found in the centre of the island and is one of the largest artificial holes here in Papua New Guinea. Panguna had copper since the year 1964. Kieta and Arawa are another interesting places to visit here in Papua New Guinea. Loloho on the Arawa Bay is another port where the copper concentration was found.

Buka is another region that is found around here and Buin is another destination to visit near Buka. Buin is the place that was the army base for the Japanese and has many rusting relics.

Buin is a place where one can go to Kangu beach which is the launching pad in the Solomon Islands. This is a place which still has the wreckage of a bomber that lies around a few kilometres from the Panguna Buin road.

Visit Papua New Guinea and enjoy the pleasures of traveling in a land that is truly adventurous and exciting.