Top 10 things to do in Moscow

Top 10 things to do in Moscow

Moscow is an enchanting city to be in being the most expensive city in the world and according to some polls the most unfriendly city on the planet. Now we don’t know to whom those people spoke to but we made friends to last a lifetime here.

Resisted the urges of tucking in to the most expensive cups of exquisite coffee and spotting the rich and the fabulous can be a hobby here with again the most number of billionaires on the globe. For accommodation try We even ended up in a night club which not surprisingly was also named as ‘the most’.

Take your picks as we countdown some of the best and must see places in this Russian bee hive of culture and reality infused city of Moscow.

1# Krasnaya ploshchad (Red Square)

A perfect place to start your adventure in Moscow with the morning sun behind you. Relive the history that played out here at the Red Square as you visit this site which sits pretty right in the center of Moscow. A site of military parades and executions in the past. A lot of attractions here will blow your breath away. Visit the largest departmental store in the country and take the sights and views of the Kremlin, Lenin’s tomb, the museums and the cathedral among many others. During night time the place is beautifully illuminated.

Moscow Red Square

2# Pokrovsky Sobor (St. Basil’s Cathedral)

A remarkable piece in the jigsaw of the Russian history. A site of world heritage that stands for and symbolizes the effervescent spirit of the city. It commands a stunning view with the Red Square in its back drop. The famous onion spires will pop as you walk up from the Red Square.

Spectacular during the day as well as at night time. Listening to the Sunday mass brought tears to my eyes as it was truly Evangelical. The holiness of the environment will bring solitude to your spirit as the ladies in the choir sing their hearts out. The church was smaller than I expected and the interiors are rather simplistic keeping in mind the flamboyant exterior. Four small churches are crammed inside and are interesting.

3# Sculpture Park and the New Tretyakov Gallery

Situated at the 10 Krymsky Val the Tretyakov Gallery is a unique experience which features the exhibition of modern Russian art works. The renowed works of Malevich, Kandinsky, Chagall and other twentieth century artists are housed here. In the main building itself there is the Central House of Artists. Nearby is the sculpture park. The amazing sculptures will astound you which include a huge Peter the Great in a huge ship and Pinocchio amongst many others.

4# Moscow Metro

One place which must not be missed for the world. Try avoiding the rush hours unless you have to go somewhere at a particular time. The rush is similar to the NYC tubes. A dollar a ride puts it among the cheapest as well as the easiest way around the city. Some of the stations here are better than some of the palaces of the world. It is also one of the loudest sites so do not forget those ear plugs.

5# Moskovsky Kreml (Moscow Kremlin)

An important political as well as an infamous historical site. A walled in complex where one can be in awe of the palaces, cathedrals and government offices. Many of the buildings here are open to the open to the general public. Great places to visit here include Patriarch’s Palace, the Armoury and the Kremlin Palace.

6# GUM Departmental Store

The biggest store in the whole of Russia lies opposite to the Kremlin in the famous Red Square. It dates back to the time of the tsars is an added bonus. In other words it can also be described as a big fancy mall. A great place for wedding couples to click their photos.

7# Lenin’s Mausoleum

A wax likeness of the great leader or his embalmed body is found here. This large stone structure of the Mausoleum can bring you closer to the notorious twentieth century leader of Russia. A particular decorum is enforced on the visitors thronging the Mausoleum.

8# Memorial Museum of the Cosmonautics and Space Monument

Many important artifacts recounting the history of space exploration can be found here. Visit the likes of the space capsule in which the famous astronaut Yuri Gagarin returned from outer space.

9# Christ the Savior Cathedral

This cathedral was rebuilt during the 1990s. It originally was constructed in the nineteenth century for the commemoration of the victory of the Russian army over the great Napoleon. He was destroyed on the personal order of Stalin. A great opportunity awaits here to be amidst history.

10# Moscow Zoo

A recent renovation adds to the popularity of this destination. An hundred year old zoo of the city has on display animals from around the entire globe.

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