Best Things to do in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is one of the best cities to visit in South Eastern Europe. Never boring, it’s bursting with activities and culture and can be explored on a budget.

Belgrade has it all, and the best things to do in this city are without the huge price tag. Relatively cheap, packed with things to do to, it is culturally one of the most interesting places in the Balkans with a lot going on at any one time.

View of Belgrade city from Danube river
View of Belgrade city from Danube river

Some of the Best and Cheap Things to do in the City

  • Go wandering. Belgrade is one of the best cities in the Balkans to explore that has absolutely everything. A conglomerate mishmash of buildings from all architectural epochs, Belgrade is a very interesting city to wander through. Murals painted on walls of buildings, graffiti, tree-lined streets, plenty of abstract photo opportunities, monuments and grand museums, art nouveau mixed with communist and dilapidated deconstructions of what used to be dwellings situated around the busy metropolis, old versus new – among many other things, these are the aesthetics of Belgrade in a nutshell. Even though public transport is cheap, this city deserves many hours dedicated to exploring the vast area on foot.
  • A bus tour is a great way to see all the important historical buildings, monuments and to learn about the turbulent past of what was Yugoslavia.
  • The Kalamegden Citadel is a good spot to spend the afternoon. Begin at the fortress where the view from the top of the hill overlooks Belgrade and the Sava river, and continue the walk to the lower fortress – it is a peaceful spot away from the hectic city.
  • This is a great city to be indulgent and eat and drink like a Roman cheaply – like Sarajevo, there are a plethora of bars and cafes, and it seems everyone has the same idea to relax and unwind. Hotel Moscow is great spot to people watch and ‘?’ bar is a good spot to try traditional food.
  • Take time strolling through Skadarska, the charming Bohemian quarter. Hidden away, this picturesque area is a highlight of the city. There are great restaurants here too.
  • Visit the beautiful orthodox churches for the décor. The interior of St Mark’s and Saborna Orthodox Church are lavishly decorated with gold paint and icons. Museums in Belgrade are worth visiting for their equally grandiose nature.
castle of Belgrade
castle of Belgrade

Day Trips Outside the City

Day trips are possible from Belgrade to beautiful towns such as Novi Sad (approximately 2 hours by bus) and Subotica (4 hours by bus). Both are picturesque and pristine, quaint and relaxing, without the herds of people Belgrade has. On a budget, Serbia is possible.